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Two-thirds majority as a tool for a witch-hunt

Tomislav Karamarko




If the HDZ (photo: HDZ president Tomislav Karamarko) and the so-called patriotic coalition manage to achieve its main political goal, and that is to win the parliamentary elections with a two-thirds majority, a witch-hunt will begin. And it will proceed without serious obstacles. Two-thirds majority in parliament, in the hands of politicians who base the campaign started in 2015 on the fight against the ghosts of communism and Bolshevism, and the promise of lustration which should spiritually revitalize Croatian society and return it to the path of true values, would be a dangerous tool that can take Croatia from democracy (whatever one may think of its present quality) to a kind of totalitarianism, which will proscribe what can and what cannot be spoken publicly about certain sensitive historical and political issues.
Two-thirds majority in that case would not heal and strengthen this, by many criteria sick society, but it would push it forward into despair, misery and strife.
It is understandable that the chief of HDZ needs the two-thirds majority. In that case he would not have to take care of anything and of anyone, ha could change the Constitution if and as he pleased, enforce and repeal constitutional laws... He could do it all but Croatia would not be able to do anything. Because of that, it is a Croatian interest that at the next election some kind of balance of political forces in the parliament is sustained. 
Otherwise, us Croats could also blush with embarrassment when a president of the European Commission (possibly also Juncker) announces the Croatian Prime Minister with a cynical joke: "The dictator is coming ..." OK, some people maybe thought that such greeting by Juncker to the Hungarian Prime Minister Orban was just a nice joke, even a well-meaning one, as a wise older man jokingly teaches a younger politician that he is not working well, but this is a matter of such a view on world and politics...
For me, the dictatorship is no joke. Even when it has a seemingly democratic framework, given to it by multiparty elections, it comes down to the suppression of one's rights.
Parties that have gathered around the HDZ, however, are another reason for a serious doubt that a two-thirds majority, if it was achieved at the elections, would be used responsibly. They call themselves patriotic coalition, but for them, patriotism is not a commitment to their people without compromising or demeaning others and different. Unfortunately, patriotism in their announced performance is dominated by exclusivity and vindictiveness. Patriotism and renovation of true values for Ruža Tomašić is to "clean her own house of Serbs" and a message to the non-Croats that they must not forget that they are guests in Croatia, while until recently she was the president of the party that called themselves Karamarko's strategic partner.
Indeed, today she is the head of a new party that was founded by renegades from the aforementioned one, but that can also enter the so-called patriotic coalition before the election. Their patriotism becomes a principle that justifies the aggressive conservatism, which we had witnessed in Knin, where in the supposedly secular state, which Croatia is by its Constitution, a dispute arise because the Catholic graduates invited a priests to give a prayer before the start of their graduation party that was also attended by the Orthodox students.
When the controversy broke out in public, because some teachers opposed the prevailing current and marked it as discrimination against non-Catholic students, a message was sent that this was not discrimination, and that Orthodox student can also invite their priest to ive a prayer. What did, in fact, these seniors want to pray for? Why did they think that in that very moment, at their prom, they needed God’s blessing? Not to get drunk as skunks or to get drunk but not to end up in hospital with alcohol poisoning? That boys and girls do not dance cheek to cheek in a manner that would call into doubt their sense of morality? 

This story from Knin shows that something strange is happening to the Croatian society, that some kind of aberration and confusion are taking place, and that they are presented as the right way towards the lost values...
In some ways Karamarko is right. Somewhere along the way the Croatian society had lost its values.
But the question is what is the main cause of this - imperishable communist-Bolshevik spirit or the plundering by various transformation and privatization actors that Croatia experienced during HDZ nomenclature, during the struggle for freedom and survival, that had economically and morally devastated Croatia?
In an interview for the weekly "Globus" entitled as Karamarko’s anti-communist manifesto, the head of the HDZ and the likely next Croatian Prime Minister says that the Social Democrats, which in themselves do not have a grain of social democracy because they have not renounced communism, the crimes of the regime and Tito as their instructing party, along with their close associates, have caricatured Franjo Tu?man constructing " the most perverse political inversion".
They have declared Tu?man a dictator, and Ivica Račan the father of democracy, analyzes Karamarko adding that this is a "complete nonsense that we must unmask". But he forgot, for the sake of truth, to mention that at the time this "caricature" began he was a close associate of the biggest "detu?manisation" advocate on the political scene, former President Stipe Mesic, who started the process of relativization of the role of the first Croatian president as soon as he took office and started telling disgusting jokes, for example, "one (Tu?man) is underground, and the other (Milošević) cannot leave the country."
Do you remember that Karamarko protested then? That he resigned from his duties and that he said with disgust that he cannot and will not work for a man who falsifies Croatian history and the role of the founder of the modern Croatian state? You do not remember? Of course you don’t, because he didn’t do that. He speaks of falsification of history only now, 15 years later, in preparation for the elections which he wants to win in order to liberate Croatia from the ghosts of communism and Bolshevism, "detu?manisation " and historical falsifications, in order to write new history textbooks, introduce prayer at graduation parties, unmask the SDP as worshipers of Tito’s crimes, and to teach us how to be good Croats and how to be true patriots...
In the hands of a politician who uses past as his electoral platform for the future, a two-thirds majority in the Parliament would become a lethal weapon for democracy.
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