JUNE 4 2012 23:19h

The lecture that will improve your communication with a partner




The third workshop within The night of persuasion event is taking place in the Museum of broken relationships on Tuesday 19th of June at 6 p.m. The topic of the workshop is the communication between two partners. The lecturer is MirelaSpanjolMarkovic, an expert in the field of communication and the manager of the firm Ciceron. The other lecturer is DoctorLjiljanaBastaic, who is a well-known marriage guidance counselor.

The workshops are a part of the unique concept of personal development and improvement of communication skills. It is meant for wider public and the aim is to inform about specific topics in the field of communication. The workshops are organized in the evening and they last for three hours. The guests are domestic and foreign experts in the field. The firm Ciceron wants to improve the level of communication and to show the importance of communication skills in the private and business areas of individuals.

The third workshop is called ┬ôCommunication in partners┬ĺ relationship┬ö. It will show how to recognize satisfaction and dissatisfaction within partners┬ĺ communication using the special technique called Imago. This technique is a kind of the therapy used in marriage counseling. After the short explanation of the principles it will be demonstrated by communicating within a couple.

All the participants will be able to go through the exhibition of the Museum of broken relationships which is by itself a very interesting concept of showing some former relations among people.