DECEMBER 27 2011 19:47h

The headmaster who supported Gotovina and Markac at school suspended





The school headmaster Kresimir Mihajlovic (from primary school Petar Zrinski) was suspended from his duty. He informed the media and his friends about it by an e-mail message. The statement which came to editors’ mail addresses is the following:

Dear Friend,

I am not the headmaster of primary school Petar Zrinski any more.

I don’t kneel in front of Judas and Satan.

I kneel in front of my dear God and in front of good people.

Please send my message through the web.

Kresimir Mihajlovic, prof.

The suspension of this headmaster from Zagreb came after the photos of generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac appeared on the school walls. Mihajlovic thinks that they are heroes. After this story was published, there were a lot of reactions from the public. The suspension was only a matter of time.

The war veterans associations took the headmaster’s side. At one press conference of HVIDRA it was stated that Mihajlovic is the victim of assaults only because the students have put the photos of the legends of the Croatian National War Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac on the walls in his school. They added that the photos had been put on the walls in April and are now used because of the reelection. They have been used as the background for anonymous letters and the final confrontation with a disobedient headmaster.