MARCH 16 2012 21:45h

Students still on a boycott on the use of public transport




Boycotting of Zagreb public transport which was announced by the representatives of a Student zbor association because of a price rise of ZET’s tickets has been successfully implemented by a student population. The majority of them use bicycles to reach their destinations and some of them go by tram but they don’t pay the ticket. This is what the representatives of student reported.

- Those who paid for the tickets before decided not to buy tickets any more. Those who travelled without tickets continue travelling although being afraid of the control officers. We don’t have the exact numbers but we got the letters of support from almost every faculty – Danko Relic, the president of Zagreb Student zbor made a comment.

While there is no information about the number of students involved in this boycott, there is the invitation from the president of the City Council Davor Bernardic who wants to meet them and discuss the problems of the members of the future academic society of the city of Zagreb.

- The price rise is another strike against our standard. A lot of people forget how much we have to pay for our books, the president of Student zbor warned, hoping that the Mayor Bandic would also invite him to have a talk.