MAY 14 2012 23:21h

Six months of prison for fake Facebook profiles

Retailers open stores on Facebook




Mate Kozul was sentenced to six months on jail due to so-called Facebook case. The judge Ana Zrilic said there was a proof that Kozul had opened fake profiles on two girls, published their pictures, phone numbers and messages with sexual content without their permission.

Kozul's lawyer Bozo Vrkic, who emphasized in his closing statement that team of prosecutors didn't get any proof that his client had created fake profiles, didn't expect such verdict.

''I have nothing to comment about until I don't receive written notice with final justification. Me and my client didn't expect to receive such verdict. When we receive the written notification we will appeal and see what the major court has to say. As far as I have read documentation, I think there is at least one illegal proof that stands in the verdict. According to that opinion, this is one of the reasons to revoke this verdict'' says Vrkic adding that media pressure on his client was too big specially considering the fact that his client is an employee of city administration.

''I think public took the opposite side and media forced too much interest on this case. This is my opinion, my client isn't afraid of media nor he tries to avoid it'', said Vrkic. (Mediaservis)