MARCH 23 2009 17:00h

Sister Amadeja - Righteous Among The Nations

Croatian President Stjepan Mesic




President Mesic participated in the ceremony for `Righteous Among The Nations´, which was awarded to the deceased sister Amadeja Pavlovic.

DJAKOVO, CROATIA - The Croatian president Stjepan Mesic participated at a ceremony for the award “Righteous among the Nations”, which is the highest award that the state of Israel gives to people who saved Jewish people during the Holocaust.

The award, which has been received by 22,000 people so far, and only around 110 from Croatia, was awarded to the nun, sister Amadeja Pavlovic from the Djakovo Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross Monastery. During World War II she was the head of that monastery.

Sister Amadeja saved a ten year old girl from certain death, a girl named Zdenka Grunbaum from Osijek, whose family was killed in Djakovo. Zdenka is currently 75 years old and lives in America with her children, and she started the initiative to declare sister Amadeja to be “Righteous Among The Nations”. Zdenka said that Amadeja was like a mother to her, even though it could have cost her, her life.

The Holocaust is a unique crime by character and it must be remembered so that it does not happen again. Politicians must be able to take messages from history, and end the changing and falsifying of history. The truth must be known, and that is what certain examples like sister Amadeja serve for. Those examples must be a map to today’s youth who can find inspiration in them” said president Stjepan Mesic on the occasion.

The award was handed to the current head of the monastery, Franciska Molnar, by the Israeli ambassador Shemuel Meiroma. The event of declaring Amadeja to be “Righteous Among The Nations” was also attended by minister Dragan Primorac, the mayor of Osijek Kresimir Bubalo, and the assistant bishop of the Djakovo-Osijek county, Djuro Hranic.