MAY 20 2009 22:27h

Sex Festival in Rovinj? Sick Minds!

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A famous Croatian transvestite is preparing a luxury project, and invitations were sent to the premier Sanader, Lino Cervar, don Kacunko…

The first Croatian sex festival will be held in Rovinj between June 26 and 28, and it is being organized by Noa Ammar Soficci, a transvestite better known as Mama Lateefah, reports Regional express.

The festival will be held in the swing club “Anaconda”, and Soficci announces swinging, sex performances, orgies and other performances in the spirit of the festival.

First Croatian sex festival

Sexopolis – is a place that all lovers of sex and sexual culture, as well as sexual fetishes will feel at home. It will bring world adult film stars to Croatia such as Marcello Bravo & Hally Thomas who will perform “Live Sex”, and Irene will perform a “Dildo Show”. There will also be lesbo and piercing shows, as well as domina exhibitions.
The famous Croatian transvestite said that it will be a luxury project which is recognized in the world as a tourist project.

He considers that the time has come for open sexual culture. He stresses that the consumption of narcotics will be strictly forbidden. The aim of the festival is to promote safe sex, and during the three days of the festival they will be giving away free condoms, protective foams and lubricants.

“The time has come for the Balkans to be free and break the taboo towards sex. We are not promoting adultery, but sexual culture as the culture of living” said Soficci.

Invitations sent to premier Sanader, Lino Cervar and don Kacunko

Because Sexopolis is visited by high raking people from all circles including political ones, the director sent invitations to premier Ivo Sanader and handball coach Lino Cervar, and he allegedly also sent an invitation to the priest don Kacunko. When he found out what the transvestite Mama Lateefah was planning, the most popular priest in Croatia said:

“Those are sick minds, a shame. For those people it is one form of joke and they do not realise how sick it is. He should send an invitation to his parents” said don Kacunko.

The festival has already seen great interest, considering that 2,000 tickets have already been sold, most of which in Slovenia, then Italy, Germany, Serbia and Croatia. The entrance price for one day is 250 kuna, for two it is 350 kuna, and for all three days it is 500 kuna. Tickets can be purchased in the Anaconda club and with their website.