JULY 5 2014 12:08h

Roma schoolgirl deported from France arrives in Croatia

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A Roma schoolgirl whose deportation from France last year sparked an outcry, has arrived in Croatia after receiving new travel documents, the girl's father told France Presse.
Leonarda Dibrani, her mother and three siblings are at their uncle's house in Sisak, her father Resat Dibrani old AFP.
He added that some of their family members received passports from the Croatian Embassy in Pristina which they applied for in May. The father is in Kosovska Mitrovica with the youngest daughter who is only two years old and with another daughter. He expressed hope the family would soon be together again.
Leonarda's deportation triggered mass student protests after she was forcibly removed from her school bus.
The Dibrani family left Kosovo for France five years ago and were living in Levier, in the Doubs region of eastern France. They cited discrimination in Kosovo as grounds for asylum.
An order for their expulsion was issued after they lost their case. After two postponements, the family was put on a plane on 9 October to Pristina, Kosovo's capital.
With Croatian passport, Dibrani could return to France as Croatia is a member of the EU, France Presse said.