JUNE 4 2012 23:09h

Rohatinski to leave the position of HNB governor

Croatian National Bank govrnor Zeljko Rohatinski




Zeljko Rohatinski leaves the position of the Croatian National Bank governor after 12 years of service. He proposed to extend the collaboration with the Government, but the PM Milanovic said that such option was no longer possible.

While presenting his study ''Zlatni rast'' about European model of economy Croatia should hold to in order to pull through the crisis, Rohatinski said:

''I believe that reflections track stands of the World bank and I hope that the Croatian Government and the future HNB governor will follow this path. Thank you all and special thanks to Croatian public for supporting me for the past 12 years.''

These are the words that indirectly confirmed governor 's departure. Soon he eliminated all doubts as he confirmed:

'' I am leaving after two mandates in HNB. I was ready to stay at the position but the Government  should have foreseen further successful collaboration. So the result is obvious now when I'm leaving the HNB'', Rohatinski pointed out.

After journalists asked him if there were varieties within the opinion relating Croatian Kuna currency, Rohatinski  answered:

'' I believe the key factor was to preserve the stability in total, but you'll have to ask the prime minister if that was a crucial reason. ''

According to information off the record, a new official of the central bank will be Boris Vujcic, the recent deputy of Zeljko Rohatinski. The Government will turn to public relating this topic during this week.