MAY 14 2012 23:10h

Promotion 'Kupujmo hrvatsko' tomorrow in Labin




Promotions 'Kupujmo hrvatsko' (''Buy Croatian'') and 'Vrijedne ruke' (''Valuable hands'') will be presented tomorrow between 10 AM and 4 PM in Labin.

73 companies presented by their entrepreneurs  will participate promotional  sale of quality products which were labeled as ''Croatian origin'' and ''Croatian quality''.

The action 'Kupujmo hrvatsko' was initiated in 1997 by the Croatian chamber of economy as an idea of presenting quality of Croatian products. The project had one goal for Croatian products to be marked as special and noticeable, when getting marks of ''Croatian origins'' and '' Croatian quality''.

The project will be accompanied with the action 'Vrijedne ruke' which tries to promote manufacturers and their ability, knowledge and skill which contribute to variety of Croatian economy. At the same time these manufacturers make their own benefit.

These actions had lots of slogans during the last 14 years. This year's slogan is ''Buy Croatian products because Croatian product is a safe product''.

235 product were labeled as ''Croatian quality'' by far, while 116 product have a sign of ''Croatian origin.'' (Mediaservis)