OCTOBER 1 2008 13:29h

Professor: If You Know I Sell Exams, Report Me!

Faculty of Law dean Josip Kregar




Professor Kregar says he has not heard stories that an exam of his can be bought for 5,000 euros, dismissing them.

ZAGREB, CROATIA – The start of a new academic year at the Zagreb Faculty of Law was marked by Croatian President Stjepan Mesic, Zagreb University chancellor Aleksa Bjelis and the dean of the Faculty of Law Josip Kregar. Interestingly enough, the Faculty of Law has not been included in the anti-corruption campaign “Indeks”, although the rumour has been for years that exams are bought at this faculty.

Dean Josip Kregar said that corruption was fought at his faculty, adding that there are no more exams outside exam periods. He is dissatisfied with the way the Indeks operation was carried out.

- There are other areas where corruption is emphasised but this does not mean it should not be sought at the University – Kregar said.

The rumour was that dean Kregar`s exams could be bought for 5,000 euros. We asked him for a comment.

- I don`t know where these stories come from, but if you do know something, please report it – Kregar said.

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