JULY 14 2009 12:07h

PHOTO: Wild Beauties Show Underwear in Disco

Girls having a wild night out at a Porec nightclub.


Wild Beauties Sh ...


As the hours went by, with some alcohol, the ‘dady’s girls’ became wild, and the boys loved it.

POREC, CROATIA - The already hot atmosphere in the disco ‘Plava’, which is in Porec, was additionally spiced up by sexy girls.

Wearing miniskirts, tight pants and tight shirts with décolletés, in which those gathered were literally starting all night, the beauties enjoyed the attention they received.

They smiled at the boys looking at the and commenting on them. But this time the girls revealed more than they planned, and showed their underwear.

Necks hurting from looking up under skirts

At the start of the night, when they were checking each other out, the disco was slowly filling with good and polite girls. However, with hours going by, and a few drops of alcohol, ‘dady’s girls’ became wild, and the boys became excited.

People were dancing everywhere. In the hallways, on the podium, where the girls showed what was under their dresses. The ‘forbidden fruit’ especially delighted the boys, who at the end of the evening, had neck pain from looking up at the girls.

However, it did not bother the girls, because the drinks kept coming, and they continued to entertain those present.

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