OCTOBER 10 2008 16:44h

PHOTO: The Funeral of Ivana Hodak

The funeral of Ivana Hodak.




With a quiet song, Nina Badric greeted the murdered Ivana Hodak for the last time, and numerous friends came to voice their sympathy.

Friends and family gathered at Zagreb’s Mirogoj cemetery to say their final farewell to the murdered Ivana Hodak.

-.-Bruno Pavuša-.-The Croatian singer Nina Badric sang a quiet song at the service. Ivana’s parents Zvonimir and Ljerka arrived at 2:30, and headed towards the funeral with other family members.

The lawyer Ljubo Pavasovic Viskovic, who was in a relationship with Ivana, was shaken by her death, and was struggling to hold back the tears. His and Ivana’s common friends came to him to comfort him.

Amongst those who gathered was Ante Kovacevic, the former tennis player Iva Majoli, Ivan Gotovac, Dubravko Simenc, Marina Matulovic Dropulic, Ante Zuzul, and many friends and associates of the Hodak family.

The following people walked in the funeral procession: Hrvoje Kraljevic, the former Minister of Science Bozo Prka, Ivan Gabelica, Zvonimir and Branka Separovic, Gordana Turic, Zdenka Babic Petricevic, Cedo Prodanovic, Jadranka Slokovic, Jakov Bienenfeld, Radojka Sverko, Nenad Porges, Mia Begovic and husband Žnidarić, Anto Nobilo and general Basic with his children.

All talk about Ivana’s murder in groups.

The funeral was also attended by Nikica Valentic, Borislav Skegro, Branko Miksa, Pero Kovacevic, Ljubo Cesic Rojs, Anto Djapic, Vlatka Pokos, Zdravko Mamic, Silvija Degen, Miroslav Tudjman with his wife, Drazen Budisa, Jozo Mraovic.

Jelena Percin and the president of the Attorney’s Chamber Leo Andreis held farewell speeches, whilst Nina Badric sang a song for her farewell.

“The sad duty has fallen on me. Nobody could have thought that we would be saying goodbye to Ivana. It is hard to describe this terrible and unallowable departure. Today we say goodbye to a bright and noble girl, who is too young. There is no justification for this crime. Unfortunately is has shown that we live in a time where criminals say that life has become to be worth very little. We will not accept this. We hope that this is the last warning to stop living in this unsafe country. The loss of our Ivana is a price too high. She is gone, that is the brutal reality. We are left with the comforting thought that we will meet her again somewhere in the promised eternity” said Andreis.

Mario Ćužić-.--.-Discretely but visibly, the funeral is being guarded by a dozen police officers in uniforms, whilst the number of civilian officers can only be speculated.

During the funeral, the priest said that on the day that her daughter Ivana will murdered, Ljerka Mintas-Hodak found the strength and said that we should pray for the soul of Ivana’s murderer.

A male choir then sang the song “Ima Jedna Duga Cesta”, after which the funeral procession left for Ivana’s final resting place at 4:50pm.

The funeral ended with the lowering of a white rose by Ivana’s parents, Jelena Percin sent Ivana a kiss, whilst the face of Ljubo Pavasovic Viskovic clearly showed the force of the tragedy.

The mass for Ivana will be held in the basilica of Jesus’ Heart at 6pm, where the closest family and friends have headed.