JUNE 29 2008 19:51h

PHOTO: Swim Suits on Croatian Beaches?

Topless women on the Croatian coast.




To avoid having the mark of the swimming costume visible, women on Croatian beaches simply did not wear one.

HVAR, CROATIA - Nut brown mermaids on Croatian beaches maybe use different lotions to protect Goran Rusmir-.--.-their skin from the sun, but they have something in common – they all want a bronze toned body without any mark of swimming costumes. So, in order to get dark, women found an alternative and wore only the down part of the bikini. 

A beautiful décolleté, with no white lines which are left by the strings of the swimming costumes, is what this summer jumps at men’s eyes the most along with a nice piece of jewellery. For what concerns the downer part – if white underwear is accepted, then… on the rocks of the Croatian coast we did not spot one nudist – Take a look at the PHOTO GALLERY.