JUNE 4 2012 23:15h

PHOTO: Spica vs. Spica – summer would be boring without boots…

Maybe the earrings should wait for some other combination..




Saturday Spica girls were acting more freely than ever before. It was neither cold nor hot so the perfect weather for choosing the nicest clothes.However, such clothes didn’t need to be the most practical ones.

Spica girls haven’t disappointed us. It seems they were braver than ever. Looking at these girls at Cvjetni Square and Tkalciceva Street no one could have concluded that Croatia was in the state of crisis or depression. Maybe only the holes in their trousers could have led to such a conclusion. We must admit that we haven’t seen so many different fashion combinations in one place for a long time. And it could have been seen in only one day.

However, some trends could have been noticed in such a variety of combinations. We understand the need for short and light dresses on Spica girls. But, aren’t they feeling too hot in all those boots?

On the other hand, men were just watching and sweating…..

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