MAY 16 2009 19:03h

PHOTO: Police Intervened Over Black Uniforms

Person in black uniform and Nazi ensignia is present at the commemoration of the victims of Bleiburg




A group of young men in black uniforms shouted during the honouring of the victims of Bleiburg, so Austrian police had to intervene.

ZAGREB, CROATIA – Austrian police intervened today at Bleiburg over a group of young men dressed in black uniforms, Zagreb’s Jutarnji list daily reported. According to sources, the young men disturbed order and peace by loud singing and shouting, disrupting the commemoration of the victims of Bleiburg which was taking place at the time. 

Croatia’s Interior Minister Tomislav Karamarko said that, unfortunately, signs of Nazi times in Croatia were appearing in Bleiburg. Nazi symbols are also forbidden by law in Austria.

Around nine thousand people gathered at Bleiburg to commemorate the victims of Bleiburg. One of those present was the Croatian Democratic Union’s (HDZ) Andrija Hebrang, who ascertained that Croatia was lying on the bones of innocent civilians, on a crime which cannot be forgiven.

He reiterated that it was with fear and pain that the victims of Bleiburg were whispered about, but now the time has come to restore dignity to those victims and name their executioners. Communists and their executioners headed by the former president of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, committed those crimes, he said.

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