JULY 14 2008 07:17h

PHOTO: Good Night Out In Zagreb`s Krivi Put Bar

Vinka, Vedrana, Sandra and Maja at Krivi Put bar in Zagreb...




Laid back and alternative club Krivi put (Croatian for The Wrong Path) has a new programme and a new look.

ZAGREB, CROATIA – At the very entrance of the Krivi Put bar, we were welcomed by bouncers, -.--.-Mario and Damir, who took care the place was nice and orderly.

Goran kept staring at the wonderful assets of a fiery cheerleader, while Dario and Ognjen laid back and sipped their drinks.

Zlatko was practicing his vocal abilities on stage, while waiter Dino saw to keeping every palate wet. Kreso, Toni and Kreso took their positions at the bar and Dona came to charge another round the minute they did so.

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