JUNE 6 2008 21:26h

PHOTO: Elite Of Croatian Riding At Tournament

The 53rd International June Tournament




The 53rd International June Tournament has begun, a competition with the longest show jumping tradition in this part of Europe.

ZAGREB, CROATIA – The 53rd International June Tournament is being held at the Zagreb Race Track from June 6 unti 8. This show jumping competition has the longest tradition in this part of Europe and the general sponsor is the City of Zagreb, traditionally. The tournament was organised by the Zagreb Holding Company, Zagreb Equestrian Club, Zagreb Trotting Club and the Gric Gallop Club.

120 pairs of equestrians from Croatia, Serbia and the Slovak Republic will be competing at this Filip Hofer-.--.-year`s cup.

Unfortunately, the first day of the tournament was ruined by dull rain which kept pouring since the morning hours, delaying the morning races for a few hours. The consequence of this development of events was the audience`s departure. Thus, barely 50 spectators saw the first race, probably friends and family of the contestants, who took cover underneath the café`s hovel and watched the competition from there.

The race track looked like a construction site ornamented with just a few flower pots and lively coloured hurdles. Such dull and sad atmosphere could not have positively influenced the competitors and there were only 5 pairs in the first race, who had trouble with the pesky mud and puddles, which is what the trace turned into.

The organisers say the first show was mostly warming up for the competition and that it really had no significance, therefore the riders spared themselves and the horses, while some even missed their performance to prevent possible injuries.

- 120 pairs of riders have applied for this year`s tournament over the course of three days, while the entire programme in the show jumping, trotting and riding part will be conducted in 14 shows. Unfortunately, there aren`t many spectators because of the weather and perhaps because it`s a work day, but usually we have more, much more. Let`s hope the weather will favour us in the next few days and that the usual number of 30-35 pairs per show will perform – said Alan Andabak, one of the organisers.

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