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Only HDZ can curb ideological passions





At the Bleiburg field and the Way of the Cross which followed after, crime was committed and there is no doubt that there are a lot of reasons this should be explored, research papers should be written,young generations should learn about it in history classes, a political stand should be taken, those who are quilt should be identified and those who are still alive should be taken to trial.

However, there are no reasons thatcan reduce, let alone eliminate, the fact that the Ustashamovement is a dark episode in the history of Croatia, that the Ustasha movement was criminal in its essence, that the Independent State of Croatia was a part of a fascistic and Naziworld and that it took its fall together with that world.

Nothing will change that, no matter how many girls came to the commemoration of the Bleiburg tragedy in black T-shirts with a protruding inscription "Black Legion" and no matter how many old men dress in their Ustasha uniforms of their youth, preserved in their dark closets away from Croatia. This is a simple fact. And the responsible politicians of the right wing of the political scene should talkabout that.

For it is the right wing, the HDZto be precise, that holds the key to achieving social equilibrium and at least a partial cooling of ideological passions.

Instead, they flirt with the emotions and pander to the people who visit Bleiburgevery year in May. Just as the President of the HDZ, TomislavKaramarko, did last weekend. He also took his son to Bleiburg to see where the Way of the Cross began for his grandfather, Karamarko'sfather.

And the President of the State Kolinda Grabar Kitarović did it also. Along with Cardinal Josip Bozanićwho is not a politician of the right wing, but in different situations he supports the right wing stance in his appearances, seeing the left wing of today (at least Milanović) as opponents.

They have all rightly condemned the crime that was committed, but a balancing sentence was missing, a message that because of the crimes that were committed by the partisans after the end of World War II by the orders of Josip Broz Tito, no one should fool themselves that the NDH was a historically positive episode which is justified by the aspiration of the Croatian people for their own state.

The missing sentence should have been that Bleiburg is not and cannot be a place for nostalgia, that nothing which was done by someone else, no crime committed by partisans, cannot change the historical fact that the NDH was not a romantic, heroic episode of Croatian history, but a quasi-state which, modeled on Nazi Germany, extirpated, maintained camps, enforced racial laws ...

But Christian Democratic Angela Merkel has the strength and political responsibility regarding the sins from German history. And she has no doubt whether this is a part of her political commitment. Christian Democratic Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, however, says that political speeches are not appropriate in places of historical suffering and she visits them in secret.

It would be interesting to hear, for example, what the reaction would have been if the President of the country had come to Bleiburg and had said something like that, on the one hand showing sorrow and respect for the victims, and on the other hand pointing out that nothing could give amnesty to the NDH and make it something that it was not. Would there be silence? Or, maybe the occasional whistle? Ah, yes, we cannot knowthat, because the President did not come.

It would be interesting to see the reaction if such messages had been spoken by the head of theHDZ Karamarko and Cardinal Bozanić. However, they have not done that. They chose to withhold that part of the story and by that silence regarding the character of the NDH, for which black T-shirtscertainly should not be worn, and no one should wave flags and nostalgicallytake the Ustasha caps out of their closet, they contribute to the fact that a certain number of people (including young people, unfortunately) will still think that the NDH and the Ustashamovement were a statement of true Croatian patriotism and that the right hand in the air and "For homeland - ready" are an acceptable old Croatian greeting.

In his homily at the Bleiburg field Cardinal Bozanić, for example, speaks about the crimes committed by the "Yugoslav army", deliberately omitting on that occasion the fact that there were many Croatsin this partisan army.

Maybe it's those "Yugoslavs" that became the main political enemies of today... By the way, let's just mention that the first Croatian President, founder of today's Croatian state, partisan general FranjoTu?man, had also been in the same army that Cardinal had mentioned.

The right wing politicians often state that the ideological divisions originated when the SDP with their partners from the Kukurikucoalition decided to revoke the sponsorship of the Croatian Parliament for the commemoration in Bleiburg. However, the ideological and historical disputes and accusations still mostly come from the right wing scene, that is, from the HDZ or the sources close to the party. And this is not the time of the current parliamentary mandate in which the government is run by the Kukuriku coalition. And they can be put outonly on the right wing.

During Ivica Račan's government, for example, under the auspices of the HDZ, headquarters were organized to protect the dignity of the Homeland War, signatures were gatheredfor the abolition of the Constitutional Law on Cooperation with the Hague Tribunal, and sermons were organized to support Croatian generals...

When the HDZ came to power, the cooperation with The Hague was intensified, the generals were extradited, Sanadermade a coalition partnership with Serbs, the preconditions were set to give Cyrillic a co-official status in Vukovar ...

When the HDZ became the opposition by the will of voters, Cyrillic became a problem, Josip Brozresurrected, and the focus was moved to the pits, the Partisans, Ustasha... Clearly, only the HDZ has the power to ignite and to cool the passions. The left wing does not have that power. The right wing is always louder. And that is why the HDZ has the responsibility to put out the fire, but it is also certain that in the campaign that is in full swing they will not take this into consideration.

Commemorating the suffering at Bleiburg is behind us. Still everyone has their own truth and their own view of today's Croatia. Will HDZ finally tell us something about the economy?
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