APRIL 4 2012 23:44h

Nova TV to investigate Sinisa Svilan




After the news titles about raised charges against Sinisa Svilan, the director of the program for Nova TV, this broadcasting agency sent a report with a possible notice to Sinisa Svilan.

- Nova TV d.d. isn't used to comment investigations in process. Although Nova TV d.d. is not a client in the process, we take very seriously all negative effects on the company business. In the internal procedure we are thoroughly investigating all quotation in order to ensure high ethical standards of cooperation codex that all our employees must follow - the brief report informs.

Furthermore, according to the accusation raised by the County state attorney, Svilan is charged for broadcasting certain TV shows  for a bribe of 262 000 euro.

These are the shows produced by Core Media owned by Vladimir Selebaj and Dijana Culjak, and Svilan was allegedly receiving the money by Selebaj or Edvin Softic.

The whole story came to the light when Dijana Culjak Selebaj and Vladmir Selebaj  ended up in divorce trial. The quarrel started due to the money Selebaj claims Culjak illegally had taken away from him. That was the time when Selebaj started to reveal stories about Core Media, provisions, Hloverka Novak Srzic and other people who were involved in the project.