JANUARY 30 2014 19:27h

NGOs: Bill on nonprofit organisations financial operations needs improving

GONG organisation




Nongovernmental organisations GONG and Domine say that the bill governing financial operations of non-profit organisations, which the government sent to parliament on Thursday, is not transparent enough and should be improved.

"The bill is not in line with the strategy to encourage social enterprise because it will make the operation of non-profit organisations that employ a significant number of people, difficult in the future. That's why the bill should be improved," the executive director of the GONG election monitoring organisation, Dragan Zelic, told Hina.

He, however, said that it was positive that the government was putting in order the operation of non-profit organisations.

Commenting on the announcement by Finance Minister Slavko Linic that sporting organisations and churches too would have to pay tax, Zelic said that any institution that spent public money should publicly account for its financial operations.

Welcoming the bill, the head of the feminist organisation Domine, Mirjana Kucar, said that the government was again putting forward a bill that was not elaborated and transparent enough, and that its approach was wrong. "The government is using small league players to stop big league players in their tracks and is putting everyone in the same basket. It seems that small NGOs, which are helpful, will pay the price," she said.

"The Church is part of society and as such it obeys the law," the press office of the Zagreb Archdiocese said in a reply to Hina's request for comment on Linic's announcement.