NOVEMBER 23 2008 16:52h

Mysterious Braco Asks Only for Flowers in Return

Healer Braco




People come in groups, look Braco in the eyes and relay their problems with their thoughts. After ten minutes they exit, their hearts full.

ZAGREB, CROATIA – The celebration of the 41st birthday of healer Braco in Zagreb spurred the question who is that man in whose powers tens of thousands of people swear. Of the thousands of people who arrived in Zagreb’s neighbourhood of Srebrnjak, only some know his full name, but they say they are well acquainted with his powers. As a 25-year-old his mother took him to a known healer, Toplica Prokic, called Ivica.

Ivica was born in Serbia. When he was seven years old, he was playing in a nearby river with the other children when something unusual happened.

- When I was a child, a little piece of the Sun entered my left leg and travelled through my body to my groins. It did not bother me until I came back from hospital. Then it began hurting. I went from doctor to doctor, but nobody could help me. Moreover, everybody said I was healthy. But the pain would always return on every new moon at 2:10 am. I then had a vision of a boy with a big injection approaching me and injecting me. In the morning I could not walk. My health problems lasted for three years – Ivica used to say. In Zagreb he began healing people. It was interesting that he used a mirror in his work and had to have at least a kilogram of gold on of people arrived to wish Braco the healer best for his birthday

Ivica drowned, Braco narrowly escaped death 

After Braco and Ivica met, they began cooperating. Ivica reportedly recognised the great power Braco had. In 1993 Ivica founded his mission in Srebrnjak and two years later he was killed in South Africa. He was caught off guard by a huge wave on the beach and he drowned instantly, while Braco, who was with him, narrowly escaped death. For the first time since he started his mission, just before he went into the ocean, Ivica took off all the gold jewellery he had on him.

Two days after returning from South Africa, a middle-aged woman turned up in Srebranjak and asked of Braco, who was a 26-year-old master of economics at the time, to touch the photograph of her son and help him in that way. Braco did so and rumours were started that Braco had the same abilities as his predecessor.

At the beginning Braco healed people by touching them and laying his hand on the photographs of patients who were unable to come to him. After a couple of years he stopped communicating with patients and touching photographs. He only looks at people. People go to him in groups, look him in the eyes and relay their problems to him. After a ten-minute session, they exit sure of a solution to Mario ćužić-.--.-Healer Bracotheir problem.

Braco never advertised his ability 

- I cannot explain what happens to me when I work with people. I don’t get tired, I don’t get exhausted even after the endless number of people who walk past me for hours. I think the key is in the fact that they believe in me, in my love and my wish to help them. It is less important whether I contact them for longer or shorter periods of time – Braco said.

The number of busses arriving from Germany, Sweden, Serbia, Montenegro and other countries increases every year. The celebrations of Ivica’s birth and Braco’s birthday attract tens of thousands of people who bring flowers.

Although the house and yard in Srebrnjak are his, he does not live there. He is married and has a son who also has long hair, like his father. He refuses to communicate with the media and he has never published any advertisement or message in the media. He does not ask for anything from the people he heals, only flowers. This is why the yard in Srebrnjak and surrounding streets become full of flowers on November 23.

Healer Braco Healed Me When I Was Terminally Ill