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Mafia Murder Tomicic to Crush Jelavic?





Is Tomicic’s murder the consequence of Jelavic’s fading power after his internment in Germany, and will the police dare to crush the mafia?

ZAGREB, CROATIA – The members of the so called “criminal organisation”, which caused the death of a passer by, Zoran Domini, are going through a “business crack”, or even a tragic end. A day after t Nikica Jelavic was read charges against him Germany, the murder of Tvrtko Tomicic stirred up mafia circles once again. All those who interpreted the murders of Davor Zecevic and Vinko Rodic last winter as a rise of organised crime, Tomicic’s liquidation now confirms their theories. Especially because Jelavic, the biggest amongst them, was detained in Germany, and clearly his power has gone weaker at home. 

Tomicic, father of three children, was murdered at the age of 46 almost in Hollywood mafia style – in a folk club at four in the morning. However, his family background is very untypical for a gangster and follower of former mafia boss, Zlatko Bagaric. Tvrtko Tomicic was the son of Zlatko Tomicic, Croatian writer, Nobel Prize candidate and legend of Croatian patriotism at the time of the Croatian spring, who was imprisoned due to his political views.

Zlatko Tomicic died about a month ago, and his son Tvrtko stood hidden on one side, staring at his father being buried. After the funeral, he and his “friends” went to the restaurant Cesarica, which is run by one of Bagaric’s men, Miljenko Zaja Krojf.

-.--.-Murders, drugs, extortion, scuffles – Tomicic was fond of trouble

Over ten years ago, Tvrtko Tomicic was charged with the attempted murder of Ivica Crtalic and Zeljko Sobota, who was murdered in 1999 in his parked BMW in Zagreb. Tomicic was sentenced to three years in prison.

Besides attending immoral companies, Tomicic often spent time with young girls, and was often under effect of cocaine. It is known that the poet’s son had problems with drugs, due to which he was also registered by the German Interpol. The police found out Tomicic’s passion for drugs when they broke in to a flat in Zapresic (near Zagreb), and caught him with landlord Milorad Cubrol, two young girls, a pistol and concaine. The same year, Tomicic was arrested for extortion of 15,000 euros, but was released.

Reuters-.--.-Hand gunEasy on the trigger  

Tvrtko Tomicic had a violent character. In 2006, in Zagreb’s Jarun, in the café Blue Night, he argued with Goran Zoric, who hit him, probably with a bottle, on the head. Tomicic crushed on the floor, and Zoric hit him back a few times. As he beat him, Tomicic fired three shots towards Zoric.

Tomicic caused an incident in Zadar’s folk club Papillon, being under effect of cocaine. He hit the owner of the club, Tihomir Knezevic, with the back of his pistol on the head.

Bloody fall of Bagaric’s and Jelavic’s empire  

Domagoj Pavelić-.--.-Nikica Jelavic and his wife.The murder of Tvrtko Tomicic is only the sequel of a series of murders in the Croatian mafia showdown. Niko Mioc paid his first gangster action with his life. After arguing with Miljenko Zaja Krojf, he was shot down by Krojf’s friend, Zoran Petrovic Ivica in front of the café Cassandra in Zagreb. No one responded for Mioc’s death.

Several other mafia murders tool place in the 90s, and in July 1998 came the turn of il capo di tutti i capi, Zlatko Bagaric. In the café bar of NK Dubrava, in Zagreb, the brothers Rodic shot Bagaric down after he had beaten and abused them the whole night. Nikica Jelavic, Bagaric’s alleged follower, was injured that night.

Domini’s murder sent the mafia away from the streets only temporarily

But in 1999, the last straw made the police finally do something to handle the situation. A passer by, Zoran Domini, was accidentally killed as he passed in Zagreb’s Preradovic Street has he ran into a mafia conflict.

Domini was hit by the bullets aimed at Mafia boss Vjeko Slisko, but neither Slisko not his brother Marko lived long after that. Vjeko was killed in March 2001, and Marko two years later. After Domini’s murder, the police carried out a spectacular operation assisted by snipers and special police in front of photographers and reporters and arrested nine members of the mafia of Knezija - Davor Zecevic, Nikica Jelavic, Miljenko Zaja Krojf, Rajko and Velibor Momcilovic, Djordje Vuletic, Tvrtko Tomicic, Radovan Stetic and Miroslav Vukovic. The “organised crime” trial was a failure, as none of the defendants was proved guilty.

Bagaric’s murderer, Lazar Rodic is in jail, and it would have been better for his brother, Vinko, to be behind bars too, considering that he was murdered in November last year. Shortly after Rodic’s murder, Davor Zecevic of the “Knezija Boys” was shot in the head.

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