NOVEMBER 21 2011 22:47h

Ljubo watch out for the bomb!

Social Democratic Party (SDP) member Ljubo Jurcic




Ljubo Jurcic cannot achieve a great success at the elections.  He represents a threat, though. Every percentage scored by his Croatian economic initiative, in collaboration with other few parties, will be taken away from Kukuriku coalition. HDZ members wonÂ’t be voting for Ljubo Jurcic, neither will the right-wing voters nor liberals, not to mention the peasants. But, as the former associate of Ivica Racan and SDPÂ’s candidate for the prime-minister he can attract left-oriented voters who donÂ’t trust Zoran Milanovic can drag Croatia out of the crisis. So there is nothing to be surprised about that the beginning of the election campaign was taken as the right moment for a moral re-adjustment of people who are JurcicÂ’s partners in the campaign.

The one who decided to publish information, right at the beginning of the campaign, that Lazar Grujic, as the first man of the Pensioners block (who entered the elections with morally and professionally untainted Ljubo Jurcic) gained his disability status and pension in a suspicious way, could have done such thing earlier. However, the premature lashing out with the information wouldnÂ’t have brought a wanted result. If that compromising information had been published before submitting the election lists, for example, Grujic could have been removed from the list and the story would have been completed at the very beginning. Jurcic would have had a chance to solve a problem; there would have been no scandals. That wonÂ’t be a political bullet but a dummy bullet. This way, however, Jurcic has to hold up with this story to the very end. He has to stumble underneath this burden until the election and he has to think how many votes he would lose due to this unexpected affair. He can change nothing. Not even the letter on the list. It was only a matter of time who steps on the bomb first since the election campaign is not only a presentation of a program. In matter of fact, it is everything else but a program. Who cares about tax policy, economy measures, and strategies for the development of tourism and agronomy? The imputations, revelations, gossip - those are much more interesting things.

The election campaign is much more a special war in which the goal is to throw a doubt at respect, honesty and credibility of the opponent. Ljubo Jurcic found himself in the middle of this special war only because he endangered the position of Kukuriku coalition with his election performance. Kukuriku coalition members, if we can trust the public polls, could achieve the glorious victory that will enable them to govern undependably. Or they could gain a parliamentary majority. But this majority could be fragile if the party doesn’t find enough additional partners for parliamentary support. The small list as Jurcic’s list cannot cause the earth to move, but it could prejudge whether the Kukuriku victory is going to be glorious or relatively modest. If you notice a situation like this – who is the one who benefits from the published information about suspicious intrigue of Jurcic’s coalition partner, then it’s easy to sense that the director of this affair is hidden somewhere within the Kukuriku coalition. That, of course, doesn’t mean that the story about Grujic’s pension should have stayed unrevealed.

Just the opposite, it is necessary to investigate this situation. But there is a question to impose: How is it possible that this very someone, who knew about the committed criminal offence, kept the information as a secret until the elections? If Grujic hadnÂ’t run for the candidature and entered the deal with Jurcic, who could ravish a few parliamentary seats from Kukuriku collation, would this unknown person still keep quiet? Would he still be watching Grujic enjoy the benefit of his illegal deeds (snatching something that didnÂ’t belong to him), without reporting the information to the State Attorney? Would he still pretend to be blind in front of the lawbreaking, only because the main character doesnÂ’t present a threat for him?

It is possible that no one would ever find out about GrujicÂ’s alleged business if he hadnÂ’t decided to run for the elections as a direct opponent and a critic of Kukuriku collation, including the Croatian Pensioner party where he had belonged once. Maybe Jurcic could end up worse than he is hoping due to the GrujicÂ’s scandal, but the one who knew about this information and kept quiet about it until the moment when he could drag some benefit out of it - is pathetic in the same sense as the one he accused for a misdeed. The one and the other havenÂ’t heard about the honor and fairness.