MARCH 8 2012 22:58h

Ljubica Matijevic Vrsaljko chosen as the female citizen of the year




The lawyer Ljubica Matijevic Vrsaljko was chosen as the female citizen of the year, as the City Council decided.

The prize is being awarded for the extraordinary contribution in practical and theoretical work on the affirmation of women in the society. The special interest has been given to the successful acting in the field of women’s rights and gender equality within the human rights’ area. The results in raising the quality of life among women in Zagreb are also important.

The lawyer Ljubica Matijevic Vrsaljko was the first defender of children’s rights and she worked voluntarily as the defender of women and children, victims of violent behavior. She represented them in court and in Social care services from 1992 to 2003 as the only lawyer of the Women and children’s shelter for victims of family violence.

She is well known as the person who has been working on changing the public view about victims. As the result, the new Law for protection against violence in the family has been passed in 2003. She worked as the president of the working group for creation of this act. This respectable lawyer is today the leader of the team for legal matters in the association called B.a.b.e.

Besides the title the lawyer also got the prize of 50 thousand HRK.

Many women from the public life of Zagreb were suggested for this title. One of the candidates was the ex PM of the government Jadranka Kosor. She has been nominated by the association called Petrine pletilje.

The other nominees were Sandra Bischof Vukusic, the professor at the Textile-technology faculty, Martina Baricevic, the teacher of Croatian, Svjetlana Marijon, the president of the association Zamisli, Maja Uzelac, the president of the association Mali korak, Amelija Tomasevic, the manager of the Tourist Board of the city of Zagreb and Jadranka Apostolovski, the president of the association Mobbing.