AUGUST 24 2015 15:15h

Leader of IS affiliate responsible for Salopek's murder allegedly killed




Egyptian security services have allegedly killed Abu al-Qasim, leader of the Egyptian affiliate of the Islamic State (IS) group responsible for kidnapping and executing Croatian citizen Tomislav Salopek, some Egyptian media have reported.

The media claim that al-Qasim was killed during an operation which the Egyptian army launched against Islamists.

Tomislav Salopek (31) was abducted on 22 July on the road some 22 kilometres southwest of Cairo. The Egyptian affiliate of the Islamic State group threatened to execute the hostage within 48 hours if "Muslim women" jailed in Egypt were not freed.

On August 12, the IS terrorist group said it had executed Salopek. It had uploaded a photo on its Twitter account claiming that it is showing Salopek's beheaded body.

Salopek is the first Croatian citizen abducted in a foreign country and his murder was the first killing of a foreigner by IS in Egypt.