APRIL 15 2010 11:56h

Josipovic introduced Croatia to the aggressor list




Croatia has never divided Bosnia and Herzegovina, but had to enter its territory to defend its own territory, said Hebrang.

- Croatia has never divided Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it had to enter its territory to defend its own territory. Besides this, division of Bosnia began at the proposal of the Council of Europe in 1992 - said on Wednesday HDZ vice president and president of HDZÂ’s parliamentary Group, Andrija Hebrang while commenting on the statement made by the Croatian President Ivo Josipovic in Sarajevo.

- That is the real truth about the division of Bosnia, rather than what the president Josipović said - Hebrang said when asked to comment on the statement by President Josipovic who, while in Sarajevo, expressed regret for Croatian participation in the policy of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s division during the 1990’s. It would be polite and politically wise ”to first discuss wishes of the state and nation, before apologizing on their behalf”.

Leo Tindemans, head of the first commission appointed by the Council of Europe in 1992 with a goal of finding a solution for Bosnia, gave the Commission three possible solutions of which one was "velvet division of Bosnia and Herzegovina," said Hebrang.

That meant a peaceful division of Bosnia, without any warfare and under the supervision of the international community, explained Hebrang. When President Franjo Tudjman informed me about this, he said, 'These guys want to divide Bosnia and if this option passes, we must be preparedÂ’, said Hebrang.

- Josipović introduced Croatia to the list of international aggressors, which is absolutely not true - said Hebrang and affirmed his opinion that this harms Croatia.

He added that if we were the aggressors in Bosnia, that we should ask ourselves what would now happen to those who are currently in court in The Hague, with those indicted for military action in Bosnia and Herzegovina and what would happen to the view of our history.

Hebrang: Ivo Josipovic should have gone to Bleiburg first

Croatian political parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina gave positive responses to the announcement that President Josipovic would commemorate victims of the Croatian-Bosniak war.

JosipovicÂ’s tour to Bosnia-Herzegovina was, overall, well-received among the Croatian political parties. No one contested his visit to Ahmici and Grabovica except for the Vice President of the HDZ Andrija Hebrang, who warned that president should have visited another site of mass destruction prior to these, Novi list reports.

Hebrang said that it was admirable that Josipovic went to Jasenovac, ‘it is a welcome step’. He also supports his visit to Ahmici where many innocent people were killed. There is nothing controversial about that, he claims. However, he adds that he also believes that the president must find time for a visit to Bleiburg where he should give his respects to the victims of communist crimes. Hebrang explains how, by a certain political significance, Bleiburg should have been priority over Ahmici.