MARCH 27 2012 23:43h

Josipovic: Insured money for Gazenica

View of cruise ship Voyager of the Seas, carrying dozens of victims of H1N1 virus, is anchored in bay of Villefranche sur Mer




- A new harbor must be like a new page for the city of Zadar, not only it opens more possibilities for transport, but it offers new horizons for tourism development. Cruisers will be put to shore in Gazenica, we expect numerous gusts who will  be able to use numerous facilities , the president Ivo Josipovic said during a tour around passengers and transportation terminal in Gazenica, Zadar. - He added that all contracts had been signed, and that the Government insured money so there was no reason to concern about the further project development.

Answering journalist question related to a renewal of Una railway for import-export traffic from Gazeinca, the president affirmed that during one of his visits in Bosnia and Herzegovina he discussed the representatives of Unsko-sanski canton over that matter.

Before the tour, the president Josipovic visited tuna farm owned by the company Kali tuna between the islands Veliki Iz and Ugljan. He fed tuna with the assistance of employees.

-  A tuna farm is a great business and the company Kali tuna hires workers, pays wages, fees and benefits, the president resumed.