OCTOBER 30 2008 00:33h

Joca Amsterdam ┬ľ Most Powerful Balkan Criminal

Sreten Jocic aka Joca Amsterdam




Via organized crime, liquidations and drug smuggling, Sreten Jocic climbed to the top of criminal circles in this region.

Sreten Jocic, or Joca Amsterdam, was, claim many media sources, interested in buying assets of Vladimir Zagorec. Via Ivor Vucelic, more precisely the company that he worked for, Joca came to Zvonimir Hodak and Zagorec, but that job fell through.

-.-Mustafa Top─Źagi─ç-.-Ivana HodakVucelic, according to the headlines, personally negotiated for the purchase of general Zagorec┬ĺs assets, but the deal fell through because of Ivana Hodak┬ĺs relationship with Ljubo Pavasovic, the lawyer of Hrvoje Petrac. This is how a business deal estimated to be worth 42 million dollars failed, a deal with one of, according to the media, most powerful Serbian criminals ┬ľ Joca Amsterdam.

Let us get back to the beginning. Joca Amsterdam became the most powerful man because the previous powerful people ceased being powerful. Amsterdam was at first a paid killer, and then he eliminated the competition, who were various drug dealers. This is how he broke through to be a quite relevant player in the west European drug market.

Raising a drug empire

He established contacts with Columbian manufacturers and sellers of cocaine. That move attracted the attention of the competition, and Joca, according to -.-wikimedia commons-.-Cocainethe Serbian “Vreme”, carried out many liquidations during that time, amongst which were the murders of some police officers. However, no larger violations were ever proven against him, nor was he caught regardless of the Interpol APB that was filed against him.

In 1993, Joca was in custody in the Netherlands, from which he escaped into Bulgaria, where he saw new business opportunities in trading drugs. Bulgaria, according to Vreme, was very fertile ground for new dealer operations as the corruption in the police grew, and geographically the country was already on a well known route of many re-sellers.

Because of the many APBs against his name, Joca used the pseudonym Marko Milosavljevic whilst in Bulgaria. In that time, he allegedly ordered the murder of the Dutch prosecutor Koos Plooy.

Joca was arrested in Bulgaria in 2002 and extradited to the Netherlands.

-.--.-Croatian general Vladimir ZagorecBack to the beginning

After his return, according to Jutarnji List, Jocic started to gather former members of a Belgrade (suburb of Surcin) clan, Milan Narancic Limun, Andrija Draskovic, Lkubic Buha Cumeta, and Predraga Rankovic Peconi, with who he allegedly “actively participates in the privatization of Serbian companies.

Jocic, according to Jutarnji List, was also interested in buying some large Croatian shopping chains, and as a part of those negotiations he met with some highly positioned officials of the Croatian “security administration”.

This is how Joca Amsterdam came across general Zagorec, and his building projects, which again leads to the beginning of this text, and the possible connection with organized crime in Zagreb, or Croatia.