APRIL 20 2012 23:45h

Irony: Anti fascist Vjesnik newspaper shut down on Hitler's birthday




The last edition of the oldest Croatian daily newspaper was out today. Without any warnings or at least announcement given for the last edition of the newspaper, media informed that Vjesnik will be published no more, as Novi list informs.

The decision was brought by the Tiskara Vjesnik since the company didn't manage to organize repro material. Saturday's edition of Vjesnik will only be published in a digital form.

Vjesnik was offered for a sale and the only interested agency was investment fund Oak Investment Management Group from Britain.  Negotiations were rather unsuccessful.  The conditions asked for a new owner to continue to publish Vjesnik for at least two more years, overtake 98 employees and offer bank guarantee on 14 million HRK. That's how much debts were estimated on.