Co writer: Tomislav Galović CO WRITER Tomislav Galović

MAY 13 2015 13:00h

If our countries are nationalistic why do only antifascists get rich?




A lot of newspaper articles were written about the hate speech in the media and social networks these days, but most of these current comments appear to have been written thirty or more years ago.

Among the journalistic headliners that have been writing these alarming social warnings there were some prominent writers who worked for the extinct newspapers from the former state that disintegrated in blood. Newspapers may have different names, they have news portals that did not exist before, and the social networks have replaced the taverns with the same checkered tablecloths. But even though the media are different, the vocabulary and thesis are the same, and only the salaries of these journalists are quite higher.

The five-pointed star is still sacred and unquestionable, although in the meantime Vukovar was destroyed under the same star and the death pits of the cemetery on the cover image of this text were filled. Ustashas and Chetniks are still a major threat to our harmonious society, and the external and internal enemies still work hard to destroy the harmony among the good people.

Although Ustashas were defeated in 1945 and most of them were killed along with their wives, offspring and real and imaginary helpers, it seems that the new ones are constantly being born. One of them is the author of this article.

At least that is the label that I almost daily get from some orthodox left-wing colleague of mine. Because I dare to question the validity of the system and the values of the state which disintegrated in blood 20-odd years ago.

Although I wore a military uniform with a checkerboard coat of arms at the beginning of this century and I fired a crooked and outdated Kalashnikov only at the wooden target on a military training in Trsat, I am never the less labeled as a murderer and a criminal.

Only because I no longer love the red star and Josip Broz Tito. But, according to a tradition dating 70 years ago, which is still present today, if I do not like Tito, then it is a sure thing that I like Ante Pavelic

. Between the two of them as if no one else and nothing else exists. Although I think that I am too young to be Ustasha, my age does not mean a thing to my colleagues. If they can be anti-fascists even though they were born many years after the war against fascism was over, then according to this logic I have to be a fascist if I am not on their side. It is a war in which one has to be on one of only two sides. And as many old and young leftists argue, that same war has never ended and that fight continues to this day. And if you ask them, it will never end.

I do not know just what kind of Victory Day has Europe been celebrating this week if the battles of the Second World War are still taking place in this area. Maybe we should call in Gdansk and Moscow and tell them to postpone the celebration because it does not make sense to turn the spit while the Nazi rabbit is still alive and kicking in Croatian forest.

However, I was wrong to think that the war had really ended 22 years before I was born. But this is not the first misconception I have ever had.

Throughout elementary school I was taught that the self-governing socialism is the best political system ever devised, the Communist Party is the only party that should exist and Tito is the greatest man who ever walked the globe. And I have to admit, I had honestly believed it. And every Sunday morning I watched TV series about partisan ventures and listened to that famous song which assured me that we will always be protected by the steel wings of our army.

I absorbed these lessons as the faithfuls receive the wafer each Sunday in churches believing that with it they receive the spirit and the body of Christ. But as a more advanced society, instead of that superstitious nonsense, we have been receiving Tito’s spirit and body through Boško Buha, Tihi and Prle.

However, everything had suddenly changed in high school. The first three years I spent more time in the cellars of Slavonski Brod than in my classrooms and hallways of Matija Mesi

high school because with the other teenagers, children and mothers I had to hide from the steel wings that I thought would always protect me.

Instead of a safety net these steel wings were throwing on us ‘krmače’ from heaven. For those who do not know, ‘krmača’ is not a package of humanitarian aid with ham or ‘kulin’. The building that I lived in was not hit by any of these terrible bombs, but they hit many other places in my city, and even some children's playgrounds and with them they have permanently buried many young pioneers. My building and high school were much more damaged by hand grenades from Bosanski Brod.

Those grenades had Chetnik insignia. And they killed some of my peers, many people that were older than me, but also lot of those who were much younger than me. They were not too choosey. But to be perfectly honest, one man with Chetnik insignia has saved my life in these crazy years. He was a commander of the Serbian barricades in Bosanski Brod where my friend and I carelessly wondered off when the war suddenly came to our cities. We went to visit my best friend Cile who had moved to Bosanski Brod after the elementary school.

Chile hadn’t moved that summer for no apparent reason. During the last year of elementary school some of our peers mockingly called him Orthodox on his way home from school, though his name was Slaven. In fact, those days we were caught by the wave of national awareness. It was awakened in us by more or less the same people who had tied red scarves around our necks some seven years before that. It's not something that Cile and I did not know before. We had known from the first grade that he was a Serb, and I was a Croat. And it didn’t bother us, as we didn’t care about the fact that he was blond, and I had brown hair. Even before 1990, during our entire friendship, we knew that we were a Croat and a Serb. And because of that we hadn’t thought that one was better than the other. But despite pioneering oaths we were not ashamed of our Croatianhood or Serbizm. But in those years in our country of brotherhood and unity the economic downturn had also occurred and many parents of elementary school children have found themselves without jobs. Suddenly, the same people who gave us preaches about brotherhood and unity in the first grade of primary school started to explain to us how the Croats should blame Serbs for the crisis, and Serbs should blame Croats. Apparently we were taking each other’s jobs and money, which, as it was then proved, was not as abundant as we believed. Newer the less, this could still not pick a fight between Cile and me. Maybe because we were lucky enough that our fathers had not lost their jobs.

But that was when we also heard that the communists killed. Without criteria or the court. And Boško Buha was no longer a hero that he once was. That also did not stand between me and Cile, but it did alienate the nations which we belonged to and which we were never ashamed of. Not even then.

So, I cannot blame Cile’s family for moving away from Slavonski to Bosanski Brod, because the fact that they were Serbs bothered some other people in my city who lost their jobs, and I cannot deny this fact. At that time I still did not understand that this was not only uncomfortable but also dangerous for them, because I honestly believed that our nations cannot enter the war.

And I had no fear when I went to Bosanski Brod to visit Cile although we have heard stories of how the barricades are being prepared there. That day there was a shooting, and the bridge between our cities was closed for the first time and sometime later it was demolished. But Cile’s father was one of the commanders on the barricades and he made it possible for me and my friend to safely return to the city where they too lived happily once.

That was the last time that I saw my best friend from childhood, although in recent years we are constantly arranging to meet again together with our families. The war may have separated us, but a few years ago Facebook reunited us. The same network that since its establishment exudes hatred and bitterness, and as the former Yugoslavia was in fact designed to connect.

And the two of us, in spite of the bloody war that has thwarted our friendship and education, are still not bothered by the fact that I consider myself to be a proud Croat, and he is a proud Serb. Newer the less, I cannot wait to see him again, to hug and kiss him, even if it were two or three times.

I will not be bothered by the fact that his father is a volunteer of the Serbian army, and I doubt he will be bothered by the fact that my uncle was a volunteer in the Croatian army.

Nor will I call him Chetnik for that reason, and I doubt that he will call me Ustasha either. We will not care that we are of different nationalities, and we will not care that we are both proud of our nations. We may not agree on the causes and consequences of that war, but I doubt that we will talk much about it. No to avoid unpleasant topics (like all boys the two of us would fight and reconcile before) but because there are a lot more beautiful things in our lives that we can talk about. We haven’t seen each other for twenty-five years, aside from the photographs on Facebook, and it makes no sense to talk about the things that divide us when we meet again. After all, there are still a lot more things that connect us.

And if Chile from the Serb Republic does not hate me, and if I do not hate him from Croatia, then why do colleagues from Croatia hate me so much because I no longer love that star, that Tito and the steel wings of our army that had killed so many of my innocent peers and children who were younger than me? Why is he not calling me Ustasha and left-wing Croatian colleagues do because I say I am a Croat and I am proud of it? And because I do not like that star, Tito and dangerous delusion called self-governing socialism.

Most of the journalists who consider themselves left-wing, without any hesitation or shame, continue to easily call those who think differently fascists, Nazis, Ustasha or clerical fascist if any one of the journalists still dares to declare faithful.

There is no doubt that today there are journalists, and even more Facebook authors, who are counting blood cells, glorifying the Ustasha movement and nostalgically remembering Jasenovac. And without any doubt this is reprehensible.

There is no doubt that today there are journalists, and even more Facebook authors, who would measure one's Croatianhood and forced the unsuitable out of the country. And without any doubt this is reprehensible.

But there is also no doubt that many more journalists and even more Facebook authors easily put labels of Ustasha movement, fascism and Nazism to anyone who does not glorify the personality cult of Josip Broz Tito.

And there is no doubt that many Croatian leftists will not give up the tradition that have taken over from communism that all who think differently from them are bad, evil or corrupt people. In a word: the fascists.

This is what we were taught in communist schools and a large number of people cannot be cured of this brainwashing to which all of us who finished school in the former Yugoslavia were subjected.

Even though Yugoslav schools did not include religious education, they did have classes that promoted camaraderie, and Tito’s pioneers and youth, where we were taught that God does not exist, but the superhuman Tito does and he is bigger than God. The greatest son of our nations and nationalities. And that we should never depart from his path.

There were no crosses in classrooms, but there were pictures of Tito. Although we were taught atheism, Tito was represented as a deity. And of course, masses of people cried when he died. Brainwashing will do such things to people. It is a well-known phenomenon in all cults, and the entire former Yugoslavia was a great communist cult of Josip Broz Tito.

All the nations of Yugoslavia, not only Croatian citizens, are lucky that he, like some other cult leaders, did not expect from his adherents to follow him to death. If he asked for it, I believe that tens of thousands of them would honestly bite into a cyanide pill. But even though we did not have to die with him, over the next ten years at the sound of sirens each year exactly at the moment of his death we had to freeze like zombies and everything in the country had to stop.

Brainwashing will make zombies out of the smartest people. Convinced of the validity of their leader, they do not see a lot of things and they miss the hundreds of thousands of graves which that divinity had left behind.

Why do I mention Tito and brainwashing? Well, because many of our left-wing colleagues are appalled by the fact that on this May 8th the masses of Croats did not celebrate the Day of Victory over Fascism.

In the western part of Europe people celebrate this day for a reason, but in the eastern part of Europe, which includes Croatia, people have even more reason to have the right to be fainthearted on that day.

After that date new criminals have replaced the old ones for us. Fascism and Nazism are a great evil that was defeated for a reason, but to the nations of Eastern Europe, apart from this victory communism did not bring anything good. Perhaps the communists inflicted death to fascism, but it is a huge lie that they brought freedom to the people.

Great communist liberators have liberated the Jews and all the oppressed from the camps, but they moved into their villas, houses and apartments, and they have never moved out. They tricked all of their comrades, the real anti-fascists, on the occasion of the first and only elections after the World War II, so that they could bloody sell a delusion for 45 years. And enjoy the fruits of their fraud and robbery.

The greatest fighters for workers' rights have become elite. Communist leaders, Tito being the first among them, lived like the counts and kings for 45 years. Those who saw that and opposed it would vanish overnight. The ‘’leaders’’ of the anti-fascist movement became ur-fascists according to all of the rules defined by Umberto Eco. They have invented a tradition of guardians of the revolution rejecting all the modern inventions of the decadent West, constantly making up external and internal enemies, creating national heroes and presenting life as an eternal warfare and combat. There is no need to cite further rules because the leftists are more familiar with them than I am. They are constantly citing them when they want to recognize that evil in others and they know the rules of recognition by heart, and thus it is even harder for me to understand how come they had never recognized them in themselves. And yet it was Churchill who warned them that in the future the fascists will be called anti-fascists.

The nations of Yugoslavia were enslaved by the communists posing as anti-fascists, and they tried to brainwash the children. More people were killed under their rule than under the fascist rule. Only to maintain and conceal the privileges of the Communist landowners. And when that deception could no longer work, the communist leaders decided to start a war in order to disguise their secret wealth and gain a new one.

All those leftists who claim that nationalists and nationalism have provoked wars in the former Yugoslavia should look closely at who the richest people in all countries are and who became the richest people in ruins of ur-fascist state that falsely presented itself as anti-fascist. Follow the money trail and you'll discover the real causes and causers of war. Who are the richest tycoons in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro?

They are all former Party secretaries or their children.

And why then, in spite of the living criminals of the party, do left-wing journalists continue to scare us with the fascists who had been gone for 45 years? How come they do not see the criminals in their ranks? Why do they sill see the hate speech, murders and deceptions exclusivity on the right side? Wasn’t it enough for them that UDBA had labeled people for 45 years as clerical fascists and by doing so had marked them as targets for its criminals?

Why do the leftists, who call themselves social democrats, continue this deadly practice? Where is the democracy in their socialist practices? What do they blame the neo-liberal capitalists when no one who was free was given the opportunity to become a capitalist in the former communist countries? Why do they only see the counting of blood cells, and they do not see that some would like to finish what had been started in Bleiberg and to reopen Goli otok?

How come leftists and human rights activists have the highest salaries in the Croatian journalism when in other countries of cruel capitalism totally opposite is true?

How come private enterprises are failing in capitalist Croatia and only the industry of anti-fascism is prosperous? How come with the invading Ustasha movement the state gives more money to the newly established news portals that continue to search for external and internal enemies and label as clerical fascist all those who think differently from them?

Which Arkan and with what kind of ax will come after us after they attach these labels on us? And how is it that they are at risk, and when they apply for a job along with other unemployed journalists they receive three jobs and three average Croatian salaries while at the same time thousands of their colleagues are starving at the job market?

How come they can divide the money among themselves in committees and portals in which they sit and write at the same time, and they see the conflict of interest only in others?

And how come in the age of the greatest economic crisis their biggest problems are once again those who have neither work nor future, and from that anger and despair they go to stadiums and shout ‘’For home (land) - ready!’’?

How is it that in countries of cruel neoliberal capitalism the best and the highest wage earners are the former, current and future anti-fascists?

Why is the average age of Croatian Journalists' Association members 52? Why is this association so much older than the state? Who is protecting the privileges in this association? Are they nationalists or those who also lived well on the divisions and fabricating enemies 25 years ago?

If there were no anti-fascists that they invoked like ghosts for years and called upon them from the dead, how would they live and get rich?

For the money they receive, many would invent these fascists. To justify their existence, wages and privileges.

Croatia is the only country ruled by fascists where only antifascists have all the wealth, media and social influence.

And Croatia is probably the only country where leftists are proudly called the minority. Smarter, more advanced, but also much richer than the rest of society.

Well, we're probably the only country in the world still ruled by the justice. Because this bad, corrupt clerical fascist majority does not deserve any better than to look into the garbage cans and search for food and leftovers from noble leftists who are not in danger of foreclosures for their apartments that they received from the former self-governing state, and cheaply bought from this nationalist state.

For fascists the loans in Swiss Franc and taxes for fools will do just fine.

And still they wonder why those fools don’t feel like celebrating the Victory Day? We are only supposed to die anyway, in order to complete the job that began in Bleiberg. This is not hate speech and it is not exclusivity because, as we were thought for seventy years, among us Croats no one is innocent.

Victory, justice and truth can only be theirs, regardless the fact that there is not many of them. As we have been thought by them and as they constantly repeat, the majority is not always right. This is the case only in democracies, and Croatia has not jet moved away from communism. That is, anti-fascism, or as Eco would say: Ur-fascism.

Death to majority, freedom to minority!

I only hope that I will live to see Cile again before Croatian and Serbian anti-fascists cause another war to maintain their deceptions. Again there is less and less money, and they are only human, while we are Croats and Serbs.