DECEMBER 13 2011 20:16h

Hurricane Vladimir Seks threatens to all

Croatian Parliament deputy speaker Vladimir Seks




Zoran Milanovic must be in fear. His hands are shaking, his knees are weak and he has a feeling of a lump stuck in his throat... If he could, he would gladly disappear in a shadow of a black corner to observe a situation of his political enemies fighting in the parliamentary arena like roman gladiators. Fighting to live or die. For what is worth MilanovicÂ’s election victory when instead of fame and recognition he has to face a storm! Will he survive this tsunami stronger than the one that shook Japan? Will he survive this horrible hurricane of his nightmare, the one that isnÂ’t called Katrina but Vladimir Seks?

I guarantee Milanovic will have to go through hell in the Parliament, says the first man of HDZ. He will remember the day he won the election; he will see what it means to turn someoneÂ’s life into a living hell when we use every single procedural instrument against him. Those are the threats of the only HDZ founder who doesnÂ’t have tendency to retire. On the contrary, he still tends to be HDZÂ’s alpha and omega. He still wants to be the first in front every other HDZ member, or at least equally standing next to him (or her). He still wants to be an initiator and the author of all political tangles.

Seks doesnÂ’t threaten Milanovic only. He also threatens every person within HDZ ranks who doesnÂ’t share the same opinion as he. He thinks that those who consider HDZ has suffered the drama of the election defeat are notorious fools since HDZ is - the winning party.

Those who think that the most reasonable guilt for this failure is Jadranka Kosor along with other heads of the party where Seks is an important link (even if they are keeping this opinion to themselves), Seks consider idiots since they donÂ’t see that the main offenders are media. According to Seks the media exposed HDZ to a public lynch with a tendency to destroy the party. Seks sends a killing thought to those who dare to think that there should be some resigns so fresh people could bring a new strength. Seks considers them as unintelligent people who donÂ’t see the main offender was Ivo Sanader indeed. According to Seks, Sanader acted like Zorro the avenger in order to destroy his own political party. And asking Sanader to resign isnÂ’t possible anyway.

In the world of Vladimir Seks, he is the big guy. In this world everybodyÂ’s knees are shaking when SeksÂ’s strict voice reaches them. Milanovic and Cacic are in despair and completely distraught, potential ministers have already peed their pants, and there is a complete runaway when Seks bangs his fist on the table. But outside of this world he stopped being the big guy long time ago. Instead of drawing from the active politics and saving his dignity like a politician who participated the crucial moments of Croatia becoming independent country, he slowly turns to a figure everybody is getting distant from. And those who are still keeping close to him, are standing there since they used to watch him on the position of certain power, not because they trust him or support his stands. If HDZ wants to return to the next election as much stronger party, like a party capable to regain the votersÂ’ trust (as Jadranka Kosor announced), the party has to go through the experience of catharsis and refine its own ranks. Not just to purify those ranks from people who are thieves but from those who are out-of-date and have no more ability to delude the public with stories about being initiators of a bright future. Seks became the out-of date politician long time ago despite the fact he should be a foundation for the future.

The party where an important man such as Seks claims that Tudjman wouldnÂ’t have become the HDZ president without his (SeksÂ’s) influence and that Jadranka Kosor will be elected for the president without any rivals, suggesting that things will be the way he will arrange them to be, cannot make any progress. Those stands donÂ’t gain trust. This kind of policy doesnÂ’t renew strength. Those messages full of arrogance only arouse more resistance and aversion.

HDZ has never been a truly democratic party. Everything has always been arranged from the highest party ranks and no one has opposed to that. But now is the moment of transformation if there are some brains and will. On the first sight the election defeat is a certain drama but on the other hand it can be a chance for piling problems starting to find their solution. Democratization is the only right way and manipulation chemistry Seks is speaking of (the one that will once more lead to camouflage of dissatisfaction among the party members and their voters and to regain a reign system with the president Jadranka Kosor elected in the pseudo democratic manner) is the best way of keeping HDZ to vegetate on the political margin. Soon there will be more and more of those who demand for free decision-making, free candidature, liberal criticizing, same chances, discussion and analysis with arguments... And Seks wonÂ’t be able to have everyone under control. His time has simply passed. After the election defeat the party finds itself on a certain crossroad: Seks or a future. There is no third option since Seks and the future canÂ’t go on any further anymore.
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