NOVEMBER 24 2008 09:50h

Healer Braco Is Neither God Nor A Prophet

Drago Plecko




Drago Plecko, who also came down to Zagreb`s Srebrnjak St. to congratulate his friend Braco the healer on his birthday.

ZAGREB, CROATIA – A dozen thousand of Braco`s admirers arrived to 1 Srebrnjak St. in Zagreb with flowers, to thank him for the health and help he provided them with. We spotted Drago Plecko there, a friend of Josip Grbavac Braco, who is in a way his spokesperson. Seeing how Braco does not communicate with the media, Plecko replied on his behalf.

We asked him how come Braco did not communicate with the media. Plecko replied that the media are prone to twist all sorts of things and statements were published which Braco never said and he had a lot of problems because of this. Braco then said: “It is my task to affect people and the media`s to interpret my work how ever they like!”.

Braco has charismaMario Ćužić-.--.-Thousands came to congratulate Braco on his birthday, carrying flowers

He does not wish to interpret his work to anyone, he claims he does not completely understand what is happening to him and he has his own view of this.

Talking about Braco`s phenomenon and the people who come to see him from all over Europe, Plecko said that every region has people with non-religious charisma. Braco is such a man, there are no religious institutions of any groupation behind him. He is singled out from the environment with his charisma and helps people with his influence.

- Above all, he is an excellent motivator on an energy level. He helps people in his sessions, who come to him with various problems, from family, medical, financial etc. They are transformed in a way after meeting him, because he has phenomenal influence of people and can transform their view of life and their problems. They leave their depressive phase and enter a positive one and start solving their problems. When you look at modern authors who deal with the secret of success, you will always see that the secret of success is connected to positive thoughts – Drago Plecko told us.

Flowers as birthday present

Mario Ćužić-.--.-Josip Grbavac BracoBraco produces a turnover in people`s views and amidst this turn come many physical healings, which do not happen every day, but a transformation also occurs, which leads to radical changes in people`s lives. According to Plecko, people feel grateful and come with flowers on his birthday.

- They come with one type of flowers and leave with another, because who can store a doze thousand of bouquets at home – said Drago Plecko.

Nobody knows how to answer the question how did the custom of bringing flowers to Braco on his birthday start, and not even Drago Plecko could answer this, He did say it has been happening for the past 11 years. It spontaneously became a ritual. Due to the excessive amount of flowers, a new custom occurred for people to come with one bouquet and leave with another.

Braco is not a prophet

The Church does not approve of Braco`s work and mass arrivals.

- Personally, I have no interest in what the Church thinks of Braco and this phenomenon. Everyone has the right to their opinion. This about Braco is nothing supernatural, but one day it will surely be scientifically proven. So far, we have conducted several measurements with Braco in the Kozirev chamber in Switzerland, where the subject was isolated from any energy influences from the outside. Braco stayed in this chamber and the exchange of energy between him and the people who were inside with him was measured. Today, we have clear arguments that some sort of transfer occurs, I would say of quantum information rather than energy, to the person in front of him. There is no dilemma that one day when science develops the methodology of measuring, these phenomenons will be objectivised – Plecko told us.

According to him, Braco has never claimed to be a prophet or God and has nothing to do with religions or the supernatural.

- Religio translates contact with the absolute, meaning this is a completely different category and I cannot see any connection or a potential conflict. It would be a whole other matter if Braco represented some religious thesis, for instance if he started preaching his own religion, interpreting supernatural powers in his own way, then it would be a sect, then it would be leading people to his way. However, he always decisively reiterated that he has nothing to do with religions and it suits for everyone who asks him to remain firm and good in their faith – Drago Plecko told us in the end.

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