SEPTEMBER 13 2014 20:19h

HAZU says Bunjevci part of Croat ethnic group




The Presidency of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU) said in a statement on Saturday that the Bunjevci community was by its origin, history, culture, customs and language a part of the Croat ethnic group.

"The Croat ethnic community Bunjevci is divided in three sub-communities: the Dalmatia-Herzegovina Bunjevci, the Primorje-Lika and the Danube River Valley Bunjevci," said HAZU, one of the fundamental institutions of the Croat people and all Croatian citizens, whose mission includes preservation of national identity.

HAZU said that it did not wish to encroach on the right of every individual to declare their ethnicity as they wanted, but that the origin, history, traditions, customs and language of the Bunjevci community made it part of the Croat ethnic group.

Jasmina Mitrovic Maric, an advisor to Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, recently gave pupils in the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina who learn the Bunjevci dialect more than 400 books in the Cyrillic script as a personal donation from Nikolic. After the move met with criticism in Croatia, Nikolic said that the Bunjevci were neither Croats nor Serbs but a separate ethnic minority.
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