NOVEMBER 17 2011 00:33h

Habus goes off the list




Vesna Pusic spent her Tuesday afternoon with the citizens of Zadar and afterwards she held a short press-conference in the city library. When the news-reporters tried to hear her comment about Jadranka Kosor previously addressing on the case Habus and saying how Kukuriku coalition had allowed too much, Vesna Pusic’s answer was: I’m sorry but I have to disappoint the prime-minister but not everything is allowed and this means the same for Kukuriku coalition members..

- We received the notification from the State Election Commission. The notification says that one man from the list can be replaced so we’ve decided that Goran Habus will resign. He will notify the public on that matter this evening in Varazdin – said Pusic.

Furthermore Pusic said that the presidency of HNS brought a decision Habus would be replaced by a deputy mayor of Varazdin Natalija Martincevic on the 9th position on the list for the third election unit.

Although, as we found out, the SDP boss Zoran Milanovic immediately wanted Habus’s ‘’head on a plate’’, the whole thing was prolonged since Radimir Cacic stood up in Habus’s defense. The SDP boss was very angry since he expected Habus would offer a resignation from the list himself and resign from the Mayor’s duty. He also expected that the HNS boss will solve the problem within the party. As that course development didn’t happen, he decided to solve this problem.

Obviously things weren’t going so easy since they decided to punish Goran Habus this Monday but they weren’t sure if they could do such thing since they had already submitted their lists. So the State Election Commission initiated the process of removing Habus from the list for the third election unit. The Commission said that this intervention was permitted by the law but in 48-hour period. The commission also sent the instructions about prerequisites which are: Habus’s written notice about resigning from the list and another written notice from all the coalition parties.

It seems that the pressure of Zoran Milanovic and public pressure were too strong for Cacic to ignore the case. However, the damage has been done since the Kukuriku coalition has already run late and caused the alarm among numerous voters. The Kukuriku coalition members have already made enough of a scandal for the president of HDZ Jadranka Kosor to use this case against them. She accused the Coalition members by saying they were irresponsible and cowards this Monday.

Habus: I will resign from the list, but I will remain as the Mayor

- It’s extremely difficult for me. These weren’t easy days for me and my family. There was a big media pressure. I’m aware of my responsibility and I will bear all the consequences. One of the decisions was for me to resign from the Kukuriku coalition list of candidature for the third election unit. We brought this decision after we discussed the matter among the party presidency and in collaboration with our coalition partners. As far as we know this procedure will be possible by tomorrow 12 a.m. - said Goran Habus during the emergency press-conference in Varazdin.

While he resigns from the candidature for entering the Parliament, he doesn’t want to give up his mayor duty.

- After I ensured the victory with 70 percent of votes, I can't resign from the mayor position. My task is to cope with urgent problems of the city. I believe that it is better to work till the end of my mandate; there are only 18 moths left. Let the voters decide about my destiny over the forthcoming election - added Habus.

Milanovic: I expected HNS would solve this problem on its own

During the central news of Croatian national televison (HRT) Zoran Milanovic, the head of Kukuriku coalition and the aspirant for the prime-ministers position made comments about the affair in which the Varazdin Mayor Goran Habus was involved.

Milanovic welcomed the HNS decision to remove the Varazdin mayor from the candidature list.

- I’m not Habus’s boss and I expected HNS would solve this problem on its own - he said.

- I am glad HNS made this decision. We are entering the elections together; we are four parties though - added Milanovic. He gave his hope these four parties would form a new government. However, he added he wouldn’t have done the same compromises by having firm criteria.

Danimir Kolman, one more HNS member who ran from the place of the accident

Beside the mayor of Varazdin, one more traffic offender from the HNS membership is on the list of Kukuriku coalition. He is Danimir Kolman, the boss of HNS branch for the County of Krizevci - Koprivnica. In 2008 he ran from place of the accident after he crashed his car in the yard fence during the night hours. The police didn’t arrest him immediately but during morning hours and he claimed he wasn’t drunk. Kolman is 10th on the list for the second election unit.