MARCH 12 2012 19:50h

Green List marked the first anniversary of Fukushima nuclear disaster

Big quake risk said greater at Fukushima




The members of the Green List marked the event by lighting candles to remember ten thousand lost human lives in the natural disaster which hit Japan on the 11th March last year. The country still suffers from the consequences of tsunami and earthquakes.

- The thing we couldn’t see in the film was the level of radiation from the demolished nuclear plant in Fukushima. Unfortunately, this high level of radiation will remain in the wider area around Fukushima for hundreds of years, the members of the Green List warned.

They blame the energy policy of Japan and their dependence on nuclear energy resources. Due to this dependence, Japan threatened their own country and the rest of the world with long term radiation pollution which cannot be fixed or diminished in this generation of people living on the Earth.

- Nuclear plants are expensive, unreliable and dangerous technological devices which function only in the ideal circumstances – as they told to the Croatian public reminding them that Croatia also has a “time bomb” in their neighborhood in seismic hazard zone.

- Krsko is only 30 km far from the center of Zagreb. In the case of nuclear disaster, the lives of at least one million inhabitants would be endangered.  The whole river course of the Sava River would be destroyed, and the larger part of Slavonia depends on it, the Green List warns.

They are also concerned because of the intentions of Slovenia to prolong the work of the old nuclear plant in the next 20 years and to build one more reactor.