APRIL 3 2008 17:27h

Gory Path Of Croatian General`s Massacre




Retired Croatian general Ivan Korade spread evil across the Croatian region of Zagorje last week, committing 4 murders and an abduction.

ZAGORJE, CROATIA - The eight day of search for General Ivan Korade, wanted for the murder of four people, one count of attempted murder and kidnap, ended with his suicide. Before he sentenced himself, Korade, shot at the special police, who were investigating the area, from a weekend house killing one and wounding a few others. 

Retired General Korade planted the seeds of evil around the Croatian Zagorje area last week and committed four cold blooded murders and kidnapped a woman.

Eight murders in one night

Former Croatian commanding officer of the Tigers and Pumas brigades and president of the Bojovnik 7 football club Ivan Korade lost control, executing his friend Davor Petris, an innocent old woman Cilika Hudic, her 15-year-old grandson Goran and his neighbour Franjo Kos, as well as kidnapping Zlata Rabuzin, most likely for immoral actions. After all the committed crimes, which forensic evidence found in his house and car link him to, Korade was not to be found and despite claims from the police that he was located in the Zagorje region, even after 7 days of searching, Korade was 'still at large'.

Unclear motives-.--.-

It is also not familiar what exactly made him commit the crimes or what the general`s motivation for the blood-bath, killing his neighbours and acquaintances was. Police believe the murders of Cilika Hudic and Franjo Kos were committed out of revenge, i.e. that Korade started paying back debts which are almost 20 years old. But, the murder of Davor Petris and the abduction of Zlata Rabuzin are partially unsolved, at least when it comes to motives.

Ivanec – Velika Veternicka – general Korade`s gory campaign

As it was determined so far, general Korade`s first victim was Davor Petris, who was shot at his vineyard hut in Vitesinec near Ivanec by the general from his HS 9 gun with a 9 mm calibre. According to witnesses who were at the vineyard hut in the company of Korade and Petris several hours before the murder on March 25, there were no conflicts among them, but according to the police report, Korade killed Petris following a physical conflict, most likely caused by a large amount of alcohol the two of them had consumed that night.

Goran Rusmir-.--.-After leaving Petris in a pool of blood, Korade started his savage campaign from Ivanec to Velika Veternicka. On Wednesday, March 26 around 3 am, Korade parked his Mitsubishi Pajero SUV in front of the Rabuzin family home, which is near Varazdinske Toplice. He barged into the house and abducted Zlata Rabuzin, making death threats to her family. Unfortunate Zlata entered the vehicle, fearing for her life, but as she used a moment when Korade was not looking, she managed to get away from the car and hide in one of the buildings. Still, it is unknown where Korade spent the next 20 hours from the abduction until the next murder committed on March 27 around 00:30 hours.

Korade`s next victim was Franjo Kos, his neighbour in Velika Veternicka. On Thursday, several minutes after midnight, Korade barged into Kos` home, finding Kos and Vlado Knok. The general pulled out his gun and started shooting at Kos and Knok, who were sitting in the kitchen. Wounded Knok fell to the floor and Kos died on the scene with severe gun shot wounds to the head and body. Afterwards, Korade moved only 200 metres next door and killed Cilika Hudic at number 19. In order to cover up the murder, he also killed her 15-year-old grandson Goran.

Missing from the face of the Earth-.--.-

After the massacre, the likes of which has not been seen in the region of Zagorje since Vinko Pintaric, a serial killer was arrested, general Korade seemed to vanish. During the first few days of the police search, information arrived that Korade fled to Slovenia or Bosnia-Herzegovina, but after his vehicle was found in the woods between Lobor and Golobovec, the police located him and it was believed he had not left Zagorje. The broader region of Velika Veternicka was combed several times over, him estate was dug twice in a search for a possible underground hideout, but general Ivan Korade seems to have vanished right in front of 400 special police officers.

Suicide or murder?

However, General Korade was finally located a week after the murders. Police officers found him in a weekend house in Ribnjak, where he violently resisted arrest, and furiously firesd at the special police, wounding a few policemen and killing a member of the Kobra special police unit.

The Director of Police, Marijan Benko, after over two ours of open fire questions, publicly stated that the general, who had been chased by over 400 special policemen for days, committed suicide. However, considering that Korade shot at the policemen, it is very likely that it was the police themselves who fired back and killed the monster murderer of Zagorje.

Police Confirms – General Korade Killed Himself