FEBRUARY 25 2007 15:15h

GONG And HND Against Information Secrecy Law


GONG and HND expressed their objections to the Information Protection bill at a press conference.

GONG and the Croatian Journalists` Association (HND) oppose the Information Secrecy bill because it legalises closure of state an other institutions with public authorisations before the citizens and the public, they stated at a press conference in Zagreb.

On numerous objections to this bill, GONG president Suzana Jasic spoke, as well as HND vice-president Zdenko Duka and Ariana Vela of GONG, in charge of the research on the implementation of the Law on the right to information access.

Secrecy is treated as a rule with this bill, and not as an exception, it is an assault on democracy and citizens` right to be familiarised with the work of public institutions and investigations of possible irregularities, and this is exactly why GONG invites the public to stand up against this kind of a bill most firmly.