NOVEMBER 1 2008 13:34h

FOTO: Shamballa Doesn't Back Down

Shamballa club


Surprisingly Fun ...


Shamballa showed everyone last night that they won't back down even though weekends after opening night are traditionally least successful.

ZAGREB, CROATIA - Since it was the weekend after the opening night and Halloween parties were held in almost everyIva Divljaković-.--.-A couple having fun at Shamballa club other Zagreb club it didn't seem that this newly-opened club, which can hold up to two thousand guests, will be able to fill up.

But Shamballa managed to prove everyone wrong. A large number of people that gathered there seemed to have a lot of fun.

Between dancing and flirting with each other they were treated to a show by the club's dancers that was, we must admit, much better then the one they put on this past weekend. Either they took some dancing lessons or they weren't as nervous, we don't really now, but congratulations are in order for their performance.

Easy going and fun atmosphere, without any provocations or incidents, created the only conflicting situation that night when even though leg muscles, tired and weak from dancing all night, sent instructions to the brain that it is time to go home, we still wanted to stay for “just another half-hour“.

Being that your reporter’s literary skills go on a downward spiral as the dawn approaches, there is nothing more to say except that Shamballa did it again and whoever wasn't there should really wonder why they missed out n all the fun.