OCTOBER 7 2008 00:01h

Faber: Premier’s Most Controversial Choice

Vladimir Faber




Vladimir Faber cared about the safety of football matches in Yugoslavia, arrested Glavas, and is mentioned as someone who Petrac trusts.

The murder and beatings on Zagreb’s streets forced premier Ivo Sanader to make the only logical move, the replace the Minister of Internal Affairs Berislav Roncevic, the head of the police directorate Marijan Benko, and the Minister of Justice Ana Lovrin.

Football match Dinamo – Crvena Zvezda comes into focus

Ivan Goldin-.--.-The premier immediately confirmed that Roncevic will be replaced by Tomislav Karamarko, Lovrin by Ivan Simonovic, and Benko by Vladimir Faber.

It is Faber who is Sanader’s most controversial choice, mostly because of the Glavas case.

The head of Osijek’s police headquarters at the time arrested Branimir Glavas, and since then he has been in the centre of attention, because of threats directed to him, because of the way that he asked Gordan Getos-Magdic to accuse Glavas of liquidating Serbs.

However, Faber’s career did not start with Glavas. During the last regime he became known as the person who the administration “is fond of”, which he justifies with the authority that he has as a highly ranked police officer, and not trying to please those ruling.

The first noticeable success in Faber’s career came in 1990 when he was in the position of leader of the militia that supervised sports fields. That function brought him “fame” on May 13, 1990 when he had to care for the safety of spectators at Zagreb’s Maksimir Stadium where Dinamo was playing against Crvena Zvezda, or should have played, because the match never started. Faber allowed the fans of Zvezda to destroy the stadium, beat up local fans, and provoke the passions of everybody present.

There were no interventions until Dinamo’s fans came onto the field, which was followed by an order for police intervention, during which only Dinamo’s fans were beaten. Of course, Faber said then that nothing was disputed, because he was the commander of the militia for the supervision of the field, and not the grandstands, even though according to the regulations, the grandstands fell into his jurisdiction.

For his handling of the situation, he was proposed for a police award at the time, and was sent to finish the military academy in Belgrade.

Petrac marks Faber as his man

-.--.-Hrvoje PetracHe used his knowledge gathered in Belgrade in the war, whose beginning he awaited in the position of assistant commander of the anti-terrorist unit Lucko. Not long after that he became the commander of the special unit “Alfe”. At the end of the 90s he was the head of Zagreb’s police headquarters, and after the elections in 2000, he became the assistant Minister of Internal Affairs.

Faber’s name is linked to “Petrac’s transcripts” in which he is mentioned as a man that Petrac can trust. The transcripts were created during measures of secret information gathering, and in the police notes from February 15, 2000, it writes: “At 10:40pm Petrac calls Novica in London by telephone. Novica asks him how his men from the police passed. Petrac that he is fine because Faber also came”.

That detail is certainly interesting because the replacement of Benko, who Faber will replace, is connected to the murder of Ivana Hodak. Petrac has not been ruled out as responsible for her death.

Career’s most significant move – Glavas’ arrest

-.-fah-.-However, he received the most praise and criticism in 2005 when he became the head of the Osijek-Baranja police headquarters in order to solve the issue of the liquidation of Serbs that occurred in the early 90s in Osijek. For a start he arrested Branimir Glavas, and it is interesting that he left Osijek only five days after completing that task.

Besides the already mentioned Getos-Magdic, accused of participating in crimes, who he held in custody under suspicious conditions and “extracted” statements from her. The sister of the accused confirmed that everything was not according to the rulebook, who recorded Faber telling her to talk her sister into testifying against Glavas in order to reduce her prison sentence. That case raised a lot of dust, Faber theatrically left the position of head of the Osijek-Baranja police headquarters and became an advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs.

He has held that position until today when he was named by Sanader to replace Benko. A hope remains that he will follow a path more successful to his predecessor, and that he will not be linked to various irregularities, as has been the case in the past.