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JANUARY 26 2012 23:05h

Does Josipovic know about HT’s excess




In exchange of privileged pensions, a security of workplace has to be ensured for state officials. This was a proposition of the state president Ivo Josipovic. He has already discussed with the Prime Minister Milanovic about such law alterations which would enable MPs, members of the Government, Constitutional juries and him, the state president that they can return to the same working position after their mandate expires. The state boss, an excellent lawyer, suggests that the constitutional principle about right on work gets transferred to a legal guarantee, but again, only to a limited circle of citizens.

Josipovic¬ís motive is noble. Most people of mature age are holding the state positions. If they don¬ít have conditions to retire, considering the age discrimination dominating Croatia, and if they didn¬ít cause someone¬ís special ¬Ď¬íindebtedness¬í¬í, they will hardly find a job.

Josipovic’s motive is pragmatic as well. Without this kind of legitimate clause, repeal of privileged pension could have a bad reflection on, for example, independence of constitutional juries if they have to apply an employment service after their mandate. And the Croatian economy is in such state so there probably is no market even for the expertise of constitutional juries.

As a lawyer and the state president, Josipovic should do one more thing: to expend his partial devotion for a little segment of community like a principle commitment to rights of other citizens. Otherwise we could leave privileged pensions. But in this case, the privileged pensions are being repealed, and the privilege security of workplace is being introduced.

Don¬ít get this wrong, Josipovic¬ís suggestion earns to be considered and realized in some way, but what is there to do with, for example, around 700 employees of HT who will lose their jobs and circumstances of such measure are legally and economically questionable.  At the begging of this week even four ministers met the bosses of three telecommunication companies. Among them there was a president of T- com administration Ivica Mudrinic. Furthermore, considering yesterday¬ís mass demonstrations of HT¬ís employees against announced dismissals, it seems Mudrinic didn¬ít mention anything particular about this case. Or maybe there was a fifth minister missing, the minister of labour for example. Maybe he would have questioned something like how come that around 700 employees is excess in the company which hires around 1100 students at the same time and pays for over hundred thousand of overtimes. Instead of a clear answer, HT permanently emphasizes that they offered 360 thousands HRK gross of severance pays to the fired employees.

Step by step and HT’s story is being internationalized so even the international trade unions open a subject of various standards towards German and towards Croatian workers. And HT’s protesters brought the same question underneath a window of German embassy. The subject is local though and it concerns work legislation, controlled mechanisms and principality of ruling policy.

On one hand we have politicians that end up at the employment service after their mandates. On the other hand we have workers who didn’t snatch severance pays to eventually end up at the employment service as well. They still have a desire to work, besides, it’s not like their employer struggles some business crises. HT is considered as one of the mightiest and most up-and-coming companies. If Josipovic helps the politicians, he should do something for other ones as well. He should do something in accordance with his authority. He can talk to Milanovic, for example, like talking to a German ambassador can’t hurt as well, can it?