JUNE 13 2011 13:22h

Croatia’s low life: Facebook Group against Gay Pride Split




Right after savage attack on the activists of Gay Pride in Split, a scurrilously and vulgarly named Facebook Group has been created.

In the 24 hour period the group collected over 7000 followers. Most of them are despising the members of the Gay Pride on the worst possible way. The Group is not about expressing reflections of their members, because everybody has a right to declare if he supports Gay Pride or not, but in those messages people are invited on public lynch against gay members who are being rigorously undervalued.

Here are just a few examples written on their Wall:

Sasa Kordic: Dick lovers, f*** off away from Split!

Calvin Klein: These are sick people. I go out in Vodice and I see two big 40-year-old faggs kissing in the bar; the other day I go to Split and some f***** parade jerks off over normal people’s lives. if those faggs are constantly bragging about being equal, why they f*** each other on the street, do we walk and shout about being heterosexual, wtf.

Matej Lukic: All you faggots inhere; if it’s normal to be a fag why is not possible for you to have kids therefore you have to adopt them what do you have to say on that / short procedure for all of them you sick bastards

Dario Miocic: this is a disease like pedophilia and the Pope doesn’t support that, he disapproves it

Mateo Fazlic: Lets cure the ills...Lets trample the faggs!

Matea Krex: Those adopted children with two mums or two dads are poor, living in their sick and defective environment. Is it possible for them to have a normal brains and normal life? That’s awful.

The police department is aware of the fact that violence was transmitted on the virtual level.

- The officials from the Ministry of Interior (MUP) are watching over all web portals, social networks and internet titles related to the event held on Saturday. On the matter of this situation, the certain Group is under the investigation. Thereafter it will be determined if the elements for offence or penalty exist and who is responsible for that. The derived information is going to be very useful for the further investigation - said Zeljka Radosevic from the Split Police Department (PU Split).

She emphasized the fact that the group that appealed on public protest was under the investigation even before the Gay Pride took place.

Despise that fact, it is very interesting that nobody has been taken into the custody yet, while police promptly reacted on the alleged threats before the Pope’s arrival.