APRIL 8 2014 21:46h

Croatian Serb leader slams call to boycott Serb shops in Vukovar


A parliamentary deputy of the Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS), Milorad Pupovac, on Tuesday condemned in the strongest terms a call to boycott Serb goods and services and Serb-owned shops and crafts in Vukovar as long as Cyrillic signs are not removed from that eastern Croatian town, after the dnevno.hr web portal conveyed the call.

Pupovac urged Croatia's authorities to take action against this boycott, saying that otherwise he would inform the international community about what was going on.

The initiative to boycott products made in Serbia and 35 shops and crafts owned by local Serbs in Vukovar, which was conveyed by social networks, is "horrendous", the Croatian Serb leader said at an impromptu news conference which he held after the call appeared on the dnevno.hr web portal.

Such things are characteristic of Nazi, Fascist and Ustasha regimes in the 1930's and should not happen in European democracies, he said, adding that the call for boycott is in breach of the constitutional law on ethnic minorities' rights and other Croatian laws.

Pupovac said that it was not by coincidence that the call appeared on the eve of a debate which the parliamentary committee on the Constitution should held on a request for a referendum on the use of Cyrillic script.

The SDSS parliamentarian called for zero tolerance to hate speech and discrimination.

He found it worrisome that the Croatian prosecutorial authorities, police and other law enforcement agencies had not yet reacted regarding the latest developments.

The head of the Croatian Council for National Minorities, Aleksandar Tolnauer, also deplored the boycott.