SEPTEMBER 10 2008 18:59h

Croatia: Decomposed Body Found After 2 Weeks

Corpse at Pathology




Body of Marijan Gacko (50), completely decomposed, with maggots and swarms of flies, was found two weeks after his death

DUGA RESA, CROATIA – Croatian Homeland defender Marijan Gacko (50) was found dead in his apartment in Duga resa, as his body has been lying there for two weeks after his death.

According to the Jutarnji list daily, awful stench started spreading from Gacko`s apartment last week. The neighbours notified the police, suspecting the worst. Their doubts turned out to be true when the fire-fighters and the police broke into the apartment in Tuesday, finding the man`s decomposed dead body, covered in maggots and swarms of flies.

As the Jutarnji list writes, it is assumed the defender died two weeks ago.

Gacko`s remains were  immediately transported, however, a part of his decomposed body had remained in the apartment- Zelenilo company from Karlovac is in charge of removing the left over remains.

What strikes most in the unfortunate story is that, after examining the completely decomposed body, the doctor has determined that there was no violent death and this is why the investigating judge did not order an autopsy. It was determined that Gacko had died of natural causes.