NOVEMBER 1 2011 14:16h

Can HDZ forgive Kosor the investigations against HDZ?




There are certain speculations how dethronement of Jadranka Kosor from the head of  HDZ after the election defeat will be just a matter of time. Those dissatisfied have already started rumors how Kosor has missed her rhetoric, she was a bad campaign leader who traveled too much so she left an impression of aimless wondering across Croatia, she unnecessarily made war with the president JosipovicÂ… But they donÂ’t dare to say (even of the record) what really bothers them the most. They donÂ’t dare to indicate how they resent the fact she didnÂ’t stop the investigation against HDZ. And there shouldnÂ’t be any delusions, because this really is the thing that bothers them the most. Because HDZ wonÂ’t lose the elections due to KosorÂ’s ramble across Croatia or due to her strained relations with Josipovic. The elections will be lost mostly because of a cognition Croatia has been robbed for the second time during SanaderÂ’s reign. This cognition would still be hidden if Kosor didnÂ’t make the prerequisites for the investigations, considering the corruption in politics, to outbreak.

Whether she remains the president of HDZ or she loses the elections in December, for her - itÂ’s an important thing. If she stays, she goes on. If she fails, she enters the history.

But, whatÂ’s important to her itÂ’s not important for Croatia. WhatÂ’s more important for Croatia is the situation she enabled in her sudden, gifted and short mandate where the state institutions finally started to do their jobs in the zone of corrupted politics, as the former president Mesic would say.

Maybe, if she loses the elections, this chance she gave Croatia to start dragging itself from the mud of corruption, will cost her the presidential seat in the party. Maybe because of this situation, she will be expatriated from the top of HDZ to HDZ’s memory hole of history. Maybe the policy that initiated the investigation against her own party, the party suspected for ‘’obscuring’’ more than 30 million HRK through black funds, will be the unforgivable sign for her among the party structures. Maybe the opponents from other parties might say she earned all that. She didn’t even come on the leading position in the Government in a regular, democratic way, they’ll say, so let her fail the way she came, who cares. And they have right to think like that and not to care for her, not to feel sorry for her while she, visibly upset, having stretched panther as a lapel pin, talks about HDZ as the only party that opened the door of anti-corruption in the open and honest manner, and now, everything returns to HDZ as a boomerang. Everything she said was correct but one. The boomerang doesn’t return to HDZ but straight to her head. Her political opponents have the right to think the worst about her, her eventual opponents within the party could have already started forging conspiracy, but let’s see how Croatia would be if Jadranka Kosor pretended to be blind and death and accepted to play the role Sanader had set for her.

A HDZ’s treasurer Mladen Barisic would still be cruising the state firms in his expensive Brioni suits, bought with stolen money, and collect the tribute worth millions for HDZ special needs. His friend Nevenka Jurak would still be washing dirty money over her Fimi-media, in order to produce enough supplies to maintain the luxury of the entire party as every party individual. Their party colleague Branka Pavosevic would still be paying off the royalties from the black funds to party award winners, people from showbiz and everybody else who is ‘’okay’’ with this ‘’blur’’ arrangements. She would still be making notes in her little notebook of other colleagues needs and digging holes in her garden in order to stash this ‘’party archive’’. The directors of public firms would still be paying the racket they didn’t declare since they were saving their own bottoms with hush, although they were legally responsible to turn to the state institutions, as we could quote Mesic again. The former PM Ivo Sanader would be living pleasant and luxurious life, traveling around the world, teaching American students, earning money from providing consulting services to international and domestic companies, hanging out with the European officials, and directing Croatia over the remote of Jadranka Kosor. Zeljko Jovanovic would still be a harsh critic of HDZ, but he wouldn’t call HDZ crime organization since he wouldn’t handle the information that was provided thanks to Jadranka Kosor. The Croatian public would still be peevish as it is now, since the most important thing for people is to live well and see a perspective, and in those circumstances they would be living worse than they are now. But if Jadranka Kosor has accepted Sanader’s game, people wouldn’t have the information they have, they wouldn’t be aware of things happening behind the firm walls of HDZ’s policy, and the majority of them would still vote for HDZ despite the grumble.

The investigation against HDZ is the last station of the way of the Cross, as Jadranka Kosor said. HDZ is being, if we follow that symbolic, already crucified and dead. Of course HDZ was not or won’t be unfairly crucified, but could easily end bankrupted as the first party non-appealable convicted to return illegally acquired money. Is that the last station where some currently unrevealed Judas of her rank will point out Jadranka Kosor and accuse her - instead of Ivo Sanader - for the party failure and ask her to resign for the party benefit? The certain possibility still exist that someone from the crowd will yell ‘’Crucify Kosor, she ruined us!’’

But what could this Kosor do to protect HDZ from the thing this party has to go through nowadays? Since she made her stand about the necessity of the anti-corruption fights from the beginning, she didnÂ’t bind the investigations against the HDZ members; she could have done nothing in order to prevent the investigation against her own party. This is a bad thing for HDZ at this moment, especially the whole situation happened right before the elections.

But it wouldnÂ’t be fair for Jadranka Kosor being deposed from the head of HDZ right because of the policy that enabled the corruption being processed in the highest political circles. Although she had been the second person of that party right next to Sanader for years, the investigation against HDZ still is a grand finale of the business policy that was implemented by Ivo Sanader, and she cut it off during her mandate. Whatever someone from HDZ thinks about her as a party president, about her (un)success, (un)competence, her arrogance and firm hand, it wouldnÂ’t be fair to turn the blade other way around and to say that she, who enabled the corruption to be processed and punished, made a bigger damage to HDZ than Sanader did when launching the party into the vastness of corruption.