AUGUST 24 2015 21:28h

Businessman Zeljko Zuzic indicted for tax fraud

Željko Žužić




The Zagreb County Prosecutor's Office has indicted Zeljko Zuzic, owner of the Solidum home furnishing shopping centre, for tax fraud amounting to HRK 47.6 million and for unlawfully acquiring ownership of real estate worth around HRK 437 million in the period from 2007 to 2010.

The prosecutor's office said in a statement on its web site on Monday that it had indicted a 57-year-old businessman for white-collar crime, without revealing his identity, but according to media reports, the indictee is Zuzic.

Zuzic is charged with transferring, in the period from 2007 to the end of 2010, business and financial operations of his company that owed the state HRK 47.6 million in taxes, to his three other companies, which made the said company insolvent and resulted in the blockade of its bank account in 2007.
In order to secure his private claims from the said company in the amount of HRK 29.1 million, he signed agreements with it. Under the agreements, the company's debt to him was to be paid in a short period of time and if the company was late with payment, Zuzic, as its creditor, had the right to collect his claims by selling its real estate and ownership stakes, estimated at 436.6 million. 
Once the said real estate and stakes were transferred to his ownership, he did not sell them but used provisions from the said agreements to keep them as his property.
Zuzic is also charged with failing to pay into the state budget HRK 47.65 million in taxes the said company owed the state.
Zuzic was arrested on suspicion of fraud in late 2013 and spent three months in custody. He then became the main witness as well as a co-defendant in a case against former Sisak County head Marina Lovric Merzel whom he allegedly gave EUR 100,000 in bribes so that his company could win a tender for the sale of a 50% stake in the Ceste Sisak road management company.
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