FEBRUARY 4 2009 13:59h

Barack Obama to Visit Croatia in April?

President-elect Barack Obama arrives for his inauguration ceremony as the 44th President of the United States in Washington




Obama could spend a few hours during April visiting one of the new NATO members, either Croatia or Albania.

According to sources close to the Whitehouse, the American president Barack Obama could visit Zagreb in April, writes Globus. Unofficial sources state that the American president could visit at the start of April, because he will probably attend a G20 meeting in London.

After that, on April 3 and 4, he will meet the leaders of NATO at the NATO summit which is celebrating its 60th anniversary. After that, Obama could, it was said, visit one of the new NATO members for a few hours, either Croatia or Albania. However, even if there is on visit, the presidents and premiers of Croatia and Albania will most probably receive a special invitation for the Whitehouse, where they should meet with Obama in May.

Meeting the new American president is very important for Croatia, especially if premier Ivo Sanader’s strategy of France pressuring Slovenia for Croatia’s entry into the European Union does not work, because Sanader will be able to let Obama know about that problem.