MAY 3 2012 23:45h

Bandic: We can start the projects of two fountains and Cvjetni Square

Milan Bandic, mayor of Zagreb




The construction of two fountains near National and University Library and renovation of Cvjetni Square are the projects which will be done. That’s what the Mayor Milan Bandic said before the session of the City Assembly last week. - The tenders for the projects have been put out, the contracts have been signed and the representatives’ amendments will be refused – he said.

- I cannot accept the amendments. The things have to be done; we must act according to the signed contracts. The City Assembly issued a program of the construction of infrastructure and the decision is theirs. We only implement it – the Mayor Bandic explained.

The total value of both projects is about 30 mil HRK. The only thing that could happen is the possible delay of the beginnings of works – said Bandic.

He also talked about the garbage dump Jakusevac. The Mayor promised that the problem of biological waste would be solved by the end of 2013. The problem of recycling could be solved by the year 2015. The whole infrastructure for waste disposal should be built in Jakusevac by the year 2018.

-The people who live there should be given certain compensation until the infrastructure is completed. The value of their real estates is diminished because of the location near the garbage dump – the Mayor concluded.