JANUARY 2 2013 13:53h

Average Croatian take-home pay in October HRK 5,487




The average monthly salary paid per employee in legal entities in October 2012 totalled HRK 5,487 (approximately EUR 730), which was the nominal rise of 2.3% and the real rise of 1.9% from September 2012, according to the latest figures released by the national statistical bureau (DZS).

Compared to October 2011, the average take-home salary went up 1.5% in the nominal terms and went down by 3.1% in the real terms.

The average monthly salary in the period from January through October totalled HRK 5,457, which was up by 0.9% in the nominal terms and down by 2.2% in the real terms.

Broken down by sectors, the highest average monthly salary of HRK 10,325 was paid in October in the air traffic service, and it was followed with the average monthly salary of HRK 9,832 in the advertising and market research.

The lowest monthly average take-home wage of 2,889 kuna was paid in the clothes manufacturing business, and the average wage in October in the leather producing sector was the next lowest, HRK 2,954.

(EUR 1 = HRK 7.546594)