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FEBRUARY 5 2012 23:47h

Are you surprised by Seks’s pension? He even borrows money for charity...




Vladimir Seks, the longest-running active politician in Croatia got retired. But only for a day so he wouldn’t have lost the right for privileged pension that is about to be abolished as Kukuriku coalition announced during the first Parliamentary session last Tuesday. Is it unfair? Seks says it isn’t.  Is it immoral? No way, Seks says. Is it illegal? Hell no, Seks claims.

- I did such thing in order to prevent the possible legal alterations that could endanger acquired rights which a member of the Parliament has. The MP has already realized those rights according to various reasons although it doesn’t affect me since I even have had too many mandates. But still I did it, out of caution, so there weren’t some legal alterations which would put me in danger since, during the last couple of years, laws have been modified three or four times and it caused a pension to reduce by 10 percent - as Seks explained his act.

How could someone even think that such act could be immoral? Or unfair? How can anyone think about that especially if he has Seks in mind. When speaking of him, it would be surprising if he didn’t do such thing as he didn’t become a pensioner only for a day in order to realize the pension benefit of 12 000 HRK, because, when speaking of him, immorality and Seks go along  just perfectly.

However, as a Parliamentary deputy speaker he brought problems to his political party by this act. Of course, he was not the only one in this round who got retired only for a day but he was the most prominent one. On the one side, after all immoral acts HDZ still tries to seek for redemption, but this act performed by Seks returns this party back in the hole where its members spent last few years.

In the last two years the HDZ president Jadranka Kosor was eager to rehabilitate HDZ in a way of removing its rotten and corrupted members. The truth is, her method was quite painful, but to a certain point successful. This act performed by Seks and some few others returned like a boomerang straight to their face. Kosor must have been aware that public won’t react well to such incident, but the question is – why has she agreed with that?

However, if nothing else, one thing must be admitted. At least he gave an honest answer. He didn’t scam nor did he pretend he was stupid. He told the truth. And that’s the only reason why this move he did shouldn’t be surprising. The much worse thing is that it’s not like Seks not to have money for a living. Completely the opposite. Well he stands as the most prominent men within the Parliament, and that label is not without a reason. People claim he is stingier even than a Scotsman and a man from Brac when you put those two together.

It’s not like he should have done so, but for example, this Parliamentary speaker has never paid for a drink when sitting at the table with news-reporters, other politicians or even with his colleagues. But they paid him not only a drinks but coffee, lunch or dinner.

There are various amusing stories about Vladimir Seks’ stringiness, and one of them goes from the time of one small celebration in the Zagreb restaurant Okrugljak.

- People were eating and drinking, and after it was being proposed that Seks should have paid for the dinner due to the occasion of 20th anniversary of Croatian independence, Seks was hesitating at first but eventually he was outvoted - as one of the guests told this story.

In one moment a man approached the table carrying a baby in his hand. He asked if they could take a picture together since it was a little boy’s christenings. After taking pictures with the baby Seks asked: And the kid is celebrating? He was baptized? Then he should pay for the bill!

Of course, Seks didn’t pay the meal. So who paid for the meal? The other gests say: Couple of us did it. But without Vladimir Seks.

The former prime-minister Jadranka Kosor has some other old-time story from 1995 when Seks invited her for lunch.

- They ate, drank splendid wines, and then, when the lunch was over, Seks suddenly got up the table and said: You pay for it, I can’t.

However, she couldn’t have believed that he had really left without paying for the lunch. So she asked a waiter if the lunch had been paid. The waiter said no, so she had to pay for it.

There are quite a number of times when Seks borrowed money during various occasions, even for charity in church. Sometimes he borrowed money from Kosor, sometimes from the president Josipovic since the former prime minister simply refused to lend him money anymore.

And now we are surprised Seks got retired for a day. Well, that is Seks. It would be a true miracle he didn’t do so.